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Introduction: Felt Book Cover: Father's Day Gift

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Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share with you an idea for Father's Day. A handmade Book Cover inspired by superheroes. In this eternal battle of Marvel vs DC Comics, today won Deadpool and Batman)))

So, pick your Book/Notebook/Journal/Diary/Album and let's start!


  • Felt (diferent colors)
  • Sewing needles
  • Sewing pins
  • All-purpose threads
  • A cloth tape measure
  • Scrissors
  • Printed template

Step 2: SIZES

First measure your book from back side to front side and add 1 cm (0,5 cm on each edge). Then note the height of the book, also add 1 cm (0,5 cm on each edge). This will be a base for cover.
My results are: 32 x 22,5 cm

For inside pocket, you will need a piece of felt 6cm wide.

For bookmark - about 1cm x 30cm


You need to get:

  • 1 base
  • 2 rectangular pieces for pockets
  • 1 bookmark (if you need)
  • Logo pieces (Use your prepared paper templates to easily design process)

Step 4: SEWING

First you need to sew together small logo parts.

After, arrange the logo where you want, pin it, and sew on.

When your top is ready, turn it, and pin rectangular pieces for pockets and bookmark.

Sew on all around with the running stitch.

I use basic Running Stitch for entire project.

You can check jessyratfink's Hand Sewing Class, in special Lesson 6

Now you Cover is ready! Insert your book and enjoy it!

Step 5: HAVE FUN!



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    10 Discussions

    Nice work. Very clear. "I want this one" made me LOL...nice touch.

    1 reply

    Thank you, I'm glad you appreciated it. :)

    Cute gift for any time. I kept journals for years and these would've been truly appreciated. Now, however, as a dad, for Father's Day I've asked for pallets for my woodworking shop. Then I could make gifts for all my loved ones.

    1 reply

    Thanks. Pallets- very good gift. Waiting for your instructables ;)

    That looks SO good! And I love superheroes :) Definitely gonna try that one out. Btw your pictures look very professional too!

    1 reply

    nicely done!.I like the neat look of your finished work.

    1 reply