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I love using single shapes for paper-cut wall arts, especially triangles. But I wanted to try a different shape this time.
I've been thinking and thinking but couldn't come up with a simple yet cool shape till last week. I had no idea that this art would look sooo amazing until I made one. It looks even better with different bright colors!

Follow this ible to find out how easily I made this wall art, you'll have fun for sure :)

This is a fun thing to do with papers, colors and could be a sweet gift for your beloved one <3

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this wall art you'll need:

1) Colored papers,
2) White art paper,
3) Glue,
4) Pencil,
5) Scissor,
6) Poster color and paint brush.

Step 2: Customized Colored Paper

I made one of these wall arts using single colored papers but it didn't turn out as good as I thought- see last picture of this step.

So I painted a few white papers with different colors- as you can see in the first picture of this step,

I used the single colored papers as well as the colorful,shaded papers for the paper cut art :)

Mixing and matching both kinds make a great combination.

Step 3: Teardrop-shaped Paper Pieces

Cut teardrop shaped pieces out of the colored (both single colored and customized colored papers) papers,

Take a pencil and draw teardrop shapes on it as shown in the first picture of this step, this way the colored papers won't get wasted,

Step 4: Get Creative!

Prepare your canvas, draw borders using pencil if you want to,

Take a teardrop-shaped paper piece, apply glue on the back of the piece and stick it on the white canvas,

Don't worry about the design, you'll automatically come up with a design once you start gluing the paper pieces on the canvas,

- But you'll have to choose a starting point for the art,
- Use the bigger pieces to create the main patterns,
- Basically you can form flower-like patterns using the teardrop shaped paper pieces, otherwise - go crazy, get creative!
- After completing the main pattern use the smaller pieces to fill the rest,
- Try filling the whole canvas,
- Fill the small gaps using small teardrop shaped paper pieces...

In few words- cut'em, stick'em... it ain't rocket science! :p

Frame the art, hang it in a room or give it as a gift.




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3 years ago

wish i had seen this few weeks ago. So beautiful and off course colorful. Thanks for sharing


i love this!!! - i can't wait to try it - but have a question - what kind of paints did you use? - are they watercolors or poster paints - i'm a craft beginner & easily confused - lol - also any specifics on the paper? - thanks 8)


5 years ago

Awesome! I'll definitely try this one out! :)

1 reply
being human

5 years ago on Introduction

wao muhaminah thnx to cm bak in paper art.i was waiting 4a clasic paper

Art 4om u.n thz tim it is more attracting.i want all these wall arts 4my new home my gft :)

1 reply

5 years ago on Introduction

And another one! I think we should have a guide...Muhaiminah's Beautiful Paper Art!

Your colors are viabrant and beautiful

1 reply
Muhaiminah Faizshazni

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks again! so nice of you to say so, but I think I'll have to come up with 5-6 more paper wall arts to make a guide for'em :)

Thanks so much!


5 years ago

Beautiful, but how come yours look glossy in the picture?

1 reply

They look great! Almost like you splashed a lot of coloured water on a piece of paper :D