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Introduction: Homemade Wooden Pipe

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Hello everyone, here I will introduce to you a very wonderful gift that will surprise others with, which is the wooden pipe.

My father' s birthday is the next week, so I want to surprise him with a special gift that he deserve it, for that I decided to make a wooden pipe in professional way and carefully homemade.

For this gift you will need:


  • A thick piece of wood
  • Stem of a pipe (that contains the filter)
  • metal bowl
  • optional: olive oil + white vinegar + lemon juice (that just to give dark color)
  • ribbon for gifts


  • hand saw
  • drill
  • hand sander
  • hole saw

Step 1: First This Is the Intial Design

Step 2: Find a Thick Piece of Wood

saw the piece of wood to the precise size of your pipe around 20/10 cm

Step 3: Cutting the Initial Size

cut the piece of wood to the initial size of the pipe to be ready to the next step

Step 4: Hole the Bowl

Using 29 mm hole saw and a drill make a hole in the center of the top side and be careful in this step to don't broke it

Step 5: Drill the Air Way

using a drill and a 6mm bit make the air way to the center of the bowl

Step 6: Sand It Carefully

After cutting it, sand using a hand sander the wood till you have that smooth touch

Step 7: Color the Wood

As you can see the difference between the two photos, in the last photo I brushes it with a natural mixture made up of olive oil and vinegar and lemon juice which give me that dark color

Step 8: Set Up the Stem and the Bowl

Step 9: Decorate the Pipe

Step 10: Test the Pipe

Step 11: Ready to Present !!



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    i like it !!!

    nice , what is the type of smoke do you use

    1 reply

    really nice gift


    nice job

    amazing !!!!iam gonna make it

    amazing !!!!!! iam gonna make it