How to Grow Date Palm From Seed in Home




Introduction: How to Grow Date Palm From Seed in Home

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Today, I am germinating Date Palm seeds. I sailed a lot on the internet, so I find as a tree grown from seed can take up to 8 to 10 years, so I decided to try to reduce the chronology of its growth in this project, I have covered two phases here ;

1. Faster Germination Method and
2. Re-Potting,

This is a fairly simple process and its a good beginner DIY project. For this I am using a glass bottle, paper towel, tap water, container and soil, generally it went great and I am very happy, I hope you like this project.

Materials Required for Growing Palm Dates :-

  • Dates Palm
  • Bottle
  • Paper Towel
  • Water
  • Container or Pot
  • Regular Soil

Note: - Plastic Container aren’t necessary, but its just help make the process go faster.

Step 1: Extracting and Peeling of Seeds.

Get dates from your local supermarket or nearby market and make sure they are full of freshness, the best way to find seeds which is larger in size and a feel good factor after selecting dates, the next process is the seeds too Simply extract the skin by hand and select seeds that are larger in size and try to collect as many as possible, wash the seeds after peeling the seeds.

Note:- Peeling seeds can be difficult in the first attempt, I damaged many seeds in peeling. So take time in the process. Slow and steady is the right way.

Step 2: Germination Method (Before: in Bottle)

This Germination Method Took 15 Days To Complete.

Add Water in Bottle
Here I'm using glass bottle, its better than plastic bottles because plastics contains harmful chemicals.

Add Seeds in Bottle
Simply pour seeds in bottle around 7 seeds

Sealed The Bottle
Sealed the bottle with tissue paper or some wooden piece.

Step 3: Germination Method (After: in Bottle)

Storage 15 days in the bottle, the roots shoot some small buds, Uncapped bottle after 15 days and eliminate all seeds from the bottle, also careful about seed elimination, I lost some seeds in the disposal.

Step 4: Propagate in Plastic Container

Add all seeds to the container, here I use the plastic container for propagation, adding regular soil mixed with compost, then loosen the soil for seeds, adding seeds and cover with soil and add some water.

Step 5: Transplant in Bigger Pot (1 Month Progress)

Here are the images of 1 month progress;

  • After 3 days it shoots some green buds.
  • After 1 week 6 buds grown little.
  • After 2 weeks it grow little further and
  • In 3 week it remain same length

After the 4th week a month later it was gone with sharp lengthy shoots, but it might be fertilizing too much, there tip leaves getting brown also shoots a new leaves, I hope its a natural process.

I will continue to publish the growth of this plants in the comments section, I hope it will not take too long until the fruit stage. I hope you like this project. Please share your experience with any research on these type of plants.

I hope you enjoyed this instructible and found some inspiration to make your own and if you want to see more great projects you can subscribe to my YouTube channel Thanks !



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    7 weeks ago

    Where will I put bottle after seal it with wood pieces

    Where will I put bottle after seal it with wood pieces

    Browning at tips may point to many factors, some being shallow watering, lack of humid environment, over fertilized soil or it may also be due to use of soft water for watering. Keeping the above factors in check, this can be avoided.

    My Nana loves dates with cream cheese rolled in sugar. I always wondered what to do with the seeds. Thank you.

    Dates are a favorite of mine and I have always wanted to grow one from seed. I tried but have never been able to get the seeds to germinate. I will give your method a try. You make it look easy!

    1 reply

    Thanks! hope you voted & subscribe to my channel, That gives me more confidence for such projects.

    love it. thanks for the knowledge + method

    1 reply

    I've never thought to grow dates!! I've grown a lemon tree and avocado tree from seed, so I think I definitely need to try this :D

    1 reply

    Well I have also successful attempts on orange and lemons. I love doing these kind of activity.

    Thank you for the very useful information...and the well-done Ibble.

    From Florida.

    1 reply