How to Make Drinking Vessels Without a Machine

Introduction: How to Make Drinking Vessels Without a Machine

About: I am a Japanese inventor who is specializing in hairbrushes. I like making things with DIY.

I used 0.1mm-thick wood shavings from Japanese cypress to make drinking vessels (sake cup & server) in a unique way.

Step 1: Cutting Into Thin Strips and Making a Long Single Strip

I cut into thin strips and put them together in order to make a long single strip (approx.10-50m).

Step 2: Rolling Up

I rolled it up tightly to form a coil.

Step 3: Forming

After finished rolling up and polishing the surface with sandparpers, I formed the coil into a sake cup by pushing and sliding it gently with using fingers. You can check the detail how to do that on my YouTube.

Step 4: Apply Urushi (Japanese Lacquer)

I used urushi (Japanese lacquer) in order to make it practical. I think urushi is utility material. It might be not easy to handle, but once you get knowledge about it, you realize that it is very practical among other natural materials. I also made a sake server in this way. I omitted the detail of a urushi process because it's a little bit complicated.

Step 5: Now Time to Drink!

I made two different types of sake cups and sake server with taking advantage of this way. In the second picture, those two cups are rough texture so that you can feel each layers of the wood shavings. On the other hand, a surface of two sake cups in the third picture is mirror finishing. The feature of all sake cups is, once you pour sake, you can see those layers emerge brightly, which makes you enjoy sake much more.




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    Very interesting and unique! Where can very thin sheets of wood like that be found?

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    This is a really interesting technique - and something I've never seen before. Thank you!!

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