How to Make Turkish Coffee




Introduction: How to Make Turkish Coffee

Learn How To Make Turkish Coffee with Step-by-Step Photos

Step 1: ​Ingredients

1. Turkish coffee beans

2. Water

3. Sugar (optional)

4. Cardamom

5. Clove (optional)

6. Cezve/Ibrik (Turkish coffee pot)

7. Espresso sized cup

Step 2: ​Grinding

1. 2 spoons - ground Turkish coffee

2. 1/2 spoon - cardamom

3. 1/4 spoon – clove

Step 3: Instructions

• Measure cold water for 1 espressos cup.

• Place the Cezve / Ibrik (Turkish pot) on the stove and keep until the water heats up.

Step 4:

• Add 1-2 teaspoons of ground Turkish coffee, and do NOT stir it (before) the coffee float on the surface.

• Add sugar when the water warms up. (optional)

• Wait until coffee starts to sink into the water.

Step 5:

• When the water is warm enough, stir it several times.

• Move it away from heat when you see the bubbles.

• Never let it boil.

Step 6:

· Add 1/2 spoon – cardamom

· Add 1/4 spoon – clove (optional)

Step 7: ​Serve the Turkish Coffee

· You should wait about 30 second to let the grinds settle to the bottom of your cup.

· You should serve Turkish coffee with a glass of water.



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