How to Make a Bluetooh Speaker

Hi guys i am homemade technology and today i am going to show how to make bluetooth speaker for cheap .


1. pam8403 amplifier board

2. Bluetooth audio reciever

3. A box

4. 2 pieces 3 watt speaker [ i have pull it out from my old sound box you can buy from online or you can

also search in electronic store for speaker

5. Usb female plug

6. Usb cable and a usb charger


1. soldering iron


Step 1: 3 Watt Speaker

This is a 3 watt is i have pull out from my old sound box . but you can buy from online or you can also search for

local electronics store for 3 watt speaker

Step 2: Bluetooth Audio Reciever

This is a bluetooth audio receiver . i have bought from

Step 3: 5v Audio Amplifier Board

This is a 5v amplifier board . i also brought it from for few rupees

Step 4: This Is the Circuit

This is the circuit and the components are mentioned and their uses .

Step 5: Male Usb Cable

This is a male usb cable i have taken it from my old mobile charger

Step 6: Male Usb Cable Cutting

Cut usb cable from middle and after cutting you will see 4 wires green ,white ,red and black . green and white are useless red and black will connect to female usb plug red[+], black[-] .

Step 7: Finishing

Hence it is completed put in a box and you can also decorate with some coloring paper.

if you have any question regarding this you can ask in comment

Thank you



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