How to Make a Wooden Phone Holder




you will be able to make a stand


Step 1: Step 1: Get All the Supplies

they include: Cotton Swabs, Sandpaper (fine and course), Jenga Blocks, Wood Glue(or any other strong glue), felt, Acrylic paint and paint brushes.

Step 2: Step 2: Use Glue to Connect Blocks

glue on one block then the other one

Step 3: Step 3: Put Blocks Together

stack them 3 high in the back then 2 high with 2 slanted, then 1 flat then another flat with sideways on top

Step 4: Step 4: Let for 24 Hours

just let is stay to the clue contacts

Step 5: Step 5: Use Sandpaper to Get Rid of Excess Glue

start with coarse-grained sandpaper then move to the fine-grained to finish it

Step 6: Step 6: Paint

USe the paint brushes and paint to paint the blocks

Step 7: Step 7: Let Dry

Just let it sit

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    6 weeks ago

    Clever to use old Jenga blocks, I like that idea! : )

    Was this done as a school assignment?