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About: The ThingBox Project - A ready to flash Raspberry Pi image that contains Node-RED and Internet Of Things software for non developers.

This Instructable was made in order to provide a simple way to use IFTTT's Maker channel on a Raspberry Pi.


Step 1: The Things You Need

You need to have :

  • a Raspberry Pi 2 (see here for more details),
  • an IFTTT account (see step 2) and
  • the software : downloadable on website. Go to "download" and write to a SDCard as explained here. Alternatively, you can buy an already built Pi 2 here:

Then insert the SDCard into the Pi, plug your Ethernet cable and switch on the Pi.

Step 2: An IFTTT Account

To make this instructable works you must have an IFTTT account (if it's not already the case go on the IFTTT website and create your own account).

After your inscription done, you have to connect your account with the Maker channel (see the image).

Now you can create recipes with this channel ! A secret key have been created to link your account with the notifications that will be generated, you have to remember this key for later.

Step 3: Create Your Recipe With Maker

Click on "My Recipes" link on the web site's top and "Create a Recipe". For "THIS" you choose the channel Maker and define an event name (see the first picture).

Finally for "THAT" (see the second picture) you can choose only one channel among the IFTTT choices. You can choose to send an email or any other choice that you can do.

Step 4: Access the Pi From Your Internet Browser

Enter the network address "thethingbox.local/" of the Pi into the address bar of your browser (see here for detailed instructions) and voila!

Step 5: The Web Interface

The basic editor looks like this (it may be a little bit different if you have a TimeSquAir).

Step 6: Import the IFTTT Plugin (1/2)

Select "Import / Node" from the right menu.

Step 7: Import the IFTTT Plugin (2/2)

Fill carefully with the plugin name.

Hit Ok and wait the reboot button to become activ, then use it to reboot the Pi.

Step 8: How to Use Your Recipe With Your Pi

We will create a flow that will trigger some informations from the event you have created.

Follow these instructions :

  • Drag and drop 1 go node from the nodes palette to your workspace,
  • Drag and drop 1 IFTTT Trigger node from the palette to your workspace, and link it to the go node,

Once done, you should have the same result as the picture.

Step 9: Configure the IFTTT Plugin

By double clicking on the IFTTT Trigger Node, you will see the configuration panel like the picture.

Then, you have to set some values :

  • Event : the event name of your recipe,
  • Secretkey : your secret key from the Maker Channel,
  • Value1, Value2 & Value3 : three optional values

Step 10:

Click Activate button.

Then click on the Go node's button to launch your message.

Step 11: Learn More!



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    10 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Ok, I still dont know why I would build or use this?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Don't want to spam by pasting the same response here,

    do have a look at what i said above in @skepticaljay 's comment


    Reply 1 year ago

    have been using ifttt for years, basically it started off by letting you connect various web services..
    eg: if I tweeted something ifttt would be triggered and the same content would get sent to my fb status or a blog post..
    another example - i have an ifttt trigger setup(for 6yrs now) rss feed from the nasa site send my phone a text when the ISS was passing over my gps coordinates.

    So later ifttt started adding triggers for various branded iot(internet of things) devices like Thermostats, fitbits, security alarm systems etc.

    @thethingbox has now shown us how to make our own ifttt capable iot device :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks for commenting! IFTTT allows you to create rules in the cloud.


    1 year ago

    excellent! i'm a long time ifttt user and really want to get into some DIY iot devices :)


    1 year ago

    Great tutorial, i waited for my new house in order to try IFTTT and maker, so handy and an easy to follow tutorial. Keep up the awesome work :)


    3 years ago

    Everything is setup and I've used Thingbox / Node-red for quite some time. However, the message never seems to reach IFTTT from the Pi when using this. I threw the output into the debug window, and it shows the message in the json. BUT... on IFTTT, when I look at my log of previous recipes, it doesn't show that it has been run. Perhaps a bug in the Node-Red node?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    What kind of event have you used for "This" ? Using a "Maker" event to send a mail works fine. A log is added for my Receipe. Also check that secret key and event name are correct.