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In this instructable I will show you how I modified my mower to make it more efficient in the way I use:
  <p>   As MAJOR PREMISE I must say this:</p>  <p>   No change is allowed for these as for other types of machines, as well as everything that is bought.</p>  <p>   Who acts as if this or other changes to anything he does to HIS own peril for if for those around him.</p>  <p>   It is also obvious that any legal warranty of the product concerned, because you modified the original design: in fact, theoretically one should do approve the product prototype that should be approved by a Special Commission.</p>  <p>   Having said that (are you escaped them all? No, by; someone is there yet ...) one is free to do this thing with prudence "of good family man" and "frontier spirit" of INSTRUCTABLES.COM and always keeping in mind the things said in the introduction.</p>  <p>   Among other things, whether staff or someone more experienced than me, has to know a way a little more "standardized" to express what I've said above, I agree!</p> 

Step 1: The Cut

Having said that let's finish itself, which is an adaptation of a lawn mower to Italian "American style", i.e. with the typical side opening which breaks the grass as quickly as possible, without chokepoints (typically American is this thing!)

My Mower is a good car, very strong engine, and with a good blade, but it has a flaw: about every minute we stop cutting; stop the engine, remove the lot which is still half empty, or if you are using without further lift bag type diverter, and remove the grass that is locked into the ear, and then reboot.

I do not know if only my mower has a problem (maybe caused by a small defect in the occult), the fact is that I got tired of this "music", and after having tried an American original (with from my neighbor) I decided:

I also like the lawnmower "Italian-American style".

I literally copied the style of the side opening, making sure that it is made from the "right" to take advantage of the blade that works like a propeller to eject the cut grass.

As you can see in the figure the cut is "generous" but does not cut the bottom of the frame in such a way as to compromise the seal as soon as possible of the structure

Step 2: The Template

Using a pizza box I built a template of the shroud fit the hole and controlling both the aesthetics and the technical aspect.

I obtained three silhouettes.

Step 3: Transfer and Cutting

I have, therefore, shows the three shapes, drawing with a pencil on a sheet of steel (in my case it was the lid of an old microwave oven that I had saved from a previous "scraping") and I made the cuts as shown with good shear; I recommend to use work gloves and be careful not to injure yourself (an advice that I give in this case is also looking a bit around: it happened to me at this juncture, elicits a lot of concentration in carrying out this work, stumble into a cord: almost I was doing really bad!)

I then assembled with rivets, positioned as shown in the figure to oppose less resistance as possible to the grass flow to create the inner surface with less harshness.

Step 4:

I then fastened with two rivets on each side the conveyor to the mower, and I adjusted its position, Furthermore, by sweeping the inside to make it adhere as much as possible to the upper wall inside (as shown in the second figure).

I then fed the cat that has your needs as. ..

...and the work you could say pretty much completed.

Step 5: Finished

To give a touch of aesthetics, as well as to cover any rough edges that could cause injury (the plate could cut if it hits someone or a pet!) I held the corner zones and seams, with rubber parts salvaged from an old bicycle Innertube.

After an appropriate masking, I colored the outer part of the conveyor with Matt Black, which is very "proffessional"

and I accompanied everything with my new "DC" logo.(came a little fuzzy but okay ...)

I did try my son the new prototype and was really pleased: all lawn cutting was carried out without any stop to remove jammed grass, as happened previously, both with and without the bag.

My instructable is complete, I hope not to have bored too;

comments are always welcome (especially if constructive)

A greeting from the italian torx instructables man.

and good cutting performance ....



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    1 year ago

    Very hard to read. Some proper spacing between words, proper spelling, and proper punctuation would have helped keep my interest, but had to stop in the first run on paragraph. Keep trying. If I learned to spell and write/type properly, anyone can! Good luck.


    5 years ago

    so basically you just added a side discharge to your mower? how does it run with this mod?

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    This way works much better than before; in fact, without this modification was necessary to stop every 30 seconds to remove the grass caught in the original release.
    With this modification you can make an entire cut without ever stopping!
    Thank for the comment.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Guido is the name given to the stereotype of Italian-Americans. Have you ever watched Jersey Shore? This "reality" show is about "real life" guidos. If you are a real Italian-American you have being hit on the head with a saucy wooden spoon by Mom! Remember that I mean no disrespect! I don't want to end up "sleeping with the fishes"! Say hello to your cousin Vinny! (You do have a cousin named Vinny? Do you?)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    First point: trust me: I know of no Italian who has the attitudes of "characters" of the program in question; I attribute the origin of their behavior to an inevitable mismatch them to locals who are looking for ways to compensate with a "stereotype" standard that aims to create unity among them and as a form of Defense to the outside world.
    Second point: my mom I have ever beaten with the ladle (I understand that you haven't spoken with offensive intentions) but what you have said makes me understand how easy connection that you do: repressive education: idiot son (excuse the term a little strong but is to understand); well what you said about the company of fish, if I understood correctly, it brings to mind something menacing that I never belonged but which I understand is a part of the injury that you have of each Italian abroad.
    Finally: I'm glad I spoke with you this interesting debate and I remain at your disposal if something is not understood
    Greetings from the Veneto to the Pennsylvania


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Presumo che venite da Italia. Le battute sono facilmente comprensibili per reale italiano-americani. Lo stereotipo di un guido è di qualche italiano-americani e non degli italiani in generale. Le battute che ho usato sono da comici italiani-americani come Tom Papa, Sebastian Maniscalco, Nick Di Paolo o Lisa Lampanelli. Esso non era destinato a offendere. Io suggerisco di guardare in su e godere dei loro spettacoli comic


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Jun 18, 2013. 5:12 PMReply
    Okei seguiró il tuo consiglio .grazie ancora amico che sei originario della Corsica