Make Any Vinyl Sticker DIY




Introduction: Make Any Vinyl Sticker DIY

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Make your own CUSTOM VINYL Stickers

Step 1: The Vinyl

First of all Buy some Vinyl on any web marketplace or store It's very cheap and powerful
For example I'm using this one from Amazon:

Step 2: Get the Size

Use a Pen and a Ruler to Find the exact size you will need and with a Scissor cut a piece of vinyl

Step 3: Fix It

Once you have it fix it on anything enough rigied to keep it flat.

Use some paper Tape

Step 4: Prepare Your File

Prepare your file, your stickers, I'm using photoshop I'll use a simple Jpeg image on the final software

You can use dozen of formats and softwares

Step 5: Software

Put your image in the Software, I'm using BenBox, a freeware software with a huge support community (


Prepare your Lazer cutter machine

I'm using the MINI A5 LASER ENGRAVER from Gearbest at the super cheap price of 170€ (

It's great, I can do dozen of things, as engraving wood, leather, cut paper, vinyls and many more.

Step 7: SAFETY!



Step 8: GO


Step 9: Done

After less than a Minute Here our GC stickers cut.

Step 10: Isolate the Stickers

Use the Paper tape to isolate the sticker

  • cut a piece of tape
  • place it on the stickers cut
  • with your thumb press it strongly to make it stick to the vinyl

Step 11: Grab It

With the help of a scalpel o a tiny tip help the sticker to sitck the tape and leave the main vinyl sheet.

Step 12: Place It

Place wherever you want.

Use the tape as guide, press and then peel off the tape





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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I'm both happy and upset that this was featured in a newsletter.

    Upset because people may seriously hurt or even kill themselves doing this (on a larger scale of course), happy because it makes more than one person notice this and point out the obvious dangers. Not sure what the staff was thinking putting this in a newsletter though...

    Somewhat funny that I feel like this while having done plenty of stupid things with tools myself. If not for yourself, consider the effects of evaporating hydrochloric acid on your machine. I've seen rusty rails on one way bigger and with a fume extractor after only cutting a single vinyl record due to operator incompetence.

    And a quote from a quick google search:
    In the presence of oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water are included among the common combustion products. The main toxic products from PVC fires are hydrogen chloride (a sensory and pulmonary irritant) and carbon monoxide (an asphyxiant).

    So you might be breathing in acid and asphyxant at the same time. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide molecules are too small to be filtered in your (or any other) mask filters.

    your filter will not protect your machine from damage neither will it protect you or the environment. NEVER cut vinyl stickers on a heat producing piece of equipment you could easily harm yourself the machine and the environment.


    1 year ago

    Thanks for this detailed step-by-step. I recognise that this is your personal machine and you can take your own calculated risks, but I'm gonna be a spoil-sport and post a warning for other readers here:

    Please use vinyl cutters for vinyl (eg CNC blades like the Silhouette or Cricut).

    Do not cut vinyl or any other PVC-based materials on laser cutters as the 'Chloride' in PVC releases Chlorine gas when burned with a laser, which is poisonous to you and corrosive to your machine. All makerspaces or laser cutting services will not let you cut vinyl as it will ruin their machine in the long run.

    I use the Emblaser 1 4W cutter from Darkly Labs and I would recommend sourcing paper labels or polypropylene paper for laser-cut stickers instead.

    All that said, unless you were raster-engraving an entire sheet of PVC or something, cutting out a couple of sticker outlines in an open-air environment probably won't do any noticeable damage.

    1 reply

    Thanks a lot for this! I use a double carbon filter to prevent damage