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Don't know what a transistor is? Don't know how to code an Arduino? Don't worry! This instructable will show you how to tie LED fixtures to flash with the beat of your music. A few things to point out is that, based on this setup the lights will flash mostly to the bass line of the music. Is this the best way to go about flashing lights with music? No, it's relatively crude but it has lasted me a full year of use and only costed $40.

-sound activated car sticker


-A bass speaker you want to have the lights react with


Step 1:

Like I said they can be found and look like this:

gather all the materials.

Step 2:

Literally all you have to do is put the two wires coming out of the LED into the two speaker terminals on a speaker. Strip the plastic off of the wire with the wire strippers so you can twist it with the speaker wire. You'll notice that the LED illuminates with each music beat. The louder the song, the brighter the LED. I had said earlier that my setup had lasted me 1 year. This is because I played my music loud constantly in my car and this eventually burned out several LED fixtures.These can be used with just about any bass speaker.



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    2 years ago

    Neat idea! perhaps you could flesh this out and make it last longer. it's probably burning out LEDs if you don't have a resistor limiting the current they get.