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Introduction: Make a Modern Pallet Stool / Coffee Table

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In this Instructable, I'll show you how I made a Modern Side table / Coffee table/ stool or you can use it as anything you want! Maybe even put a Glass plate on it and use it as a bigger table.

Hope you find some inspiration to make your own! Be sure to watch the video above that goes side by side with this article and Subscribe to my Channel YouTube for upcoming projects!

Step 1: Materials and Tools You Will Need!

Tools Used:

  • Circular saw to break down the pallets( any kind of saw will work)
  • Table saw ( not necessary)
  • Jointer / Planer (or you can use a hand plane)
  • Belt Sander / Orbital sander ( or anything that you can sand with)
  • Handheld Router ( or you can bevel the edges with some sandpaper)


  • Pallet Wood ( you can make this out of Plywood too)
  • Tape measure
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Glue
  • Clamps
  • Paint ( for the inside)
  • Boiled linseed oil
  • Wood putty or epoxy

Step 2: Breaking Down the Pallets

Grab your Saw and cut the pallets near the nails so you have enough material to work with. This project took me 12 pallets to break apart. This mostly depends on the size you make the cube, and the thickness of your individual boards after planing. I have made mine 45cm by 45cm and it is about 40kg heavy.

After you have your pallet wood recovered from their sad state, square of the ends preferably with a Chop Saw and cut them to length.

Step 3: Jointing the Boards

You can use a hand plane for this job but I prefer to make this on my Jointer/planer combination machine.

After joining each side of the boards you can plane them to thickness, and if you want to achieve a more interesting look try to make them random thickness.

With the 2 faces and 1 edge jointed take them to your table saw to cut them to width, the important thing is to make them Random width to achieve the Geode like inner surface.

Step 4: Glueing the Boards Together

Try to place your boards in the most random way choosing the width, thickness, and the color to get an interesting look.

Use Wood glue to glue the boards together. Put the glue always on the narrower board to have an easier job cleaning up the glue squeezeout. Clamps the boards together in the width of your jointer so you can joint them easier or if you have a hand plane you can glue the full 45cm side together at once. Leave it overnight to dry.

Repeat the previous 3 more times.

Step 5: Painting the Inside and Final Glue Up

Choose a Contrasting color for the inside, preferably in a spray paint so you have it easier to get in all the nooks and crannies. It is much easier to paint the inside ( if you want) Before you glue up the 4 sides.

After the paint is dry you can glue your cube together by using wood glue, but make a dry assembly to ensure your sides fit together without gaps and that the opposing pieces don't interfere with each other.

Step 6: Sanding and Rounding Over

After your glue is dry you can sand the outside of the Cube. I took my belt sander to sand all the end grain and make the sides flush with each other.

Afterwards took a Round over bit in my router and routed all of the corners to make it look more finished ( And it also helps from damaging the sharp fragile corners) Of course you can use a hand plane or some sandpaper to do the same.

With the orbital sander sand the completed cube to p120 grit.

Step 7: Filling the Woids

After the Cube was sanded I discovered some gaps and some cracked knots that I filled up with epoxy resin in which I mixed in some sawdust from the previous sanding to get the color match.

You can also use wood putty in "pallet board" color. ;)

Afterwards, I sanded all the way up to p320 grit with the Orbital Sander.

Step 8: Finishing Up!

For finishing, I used one coat of Boiled linseed oil to bring out the color of the individual boards.

Please make sure you watched the video build to get a better understanding the entire process, and it also helps me out to make more of these projects!

I hope you enjoyed this article and found some inspiration to make your own and if you want to see more great projects you can subscribe my YouTube channel too!

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    41 Discussions

    Very very nice! Thanks for sharing this!

    love it

    Wonderful design, simplicity and conciseness of manufacturing. All the upper class. I want to make myself such a beauty.

    1 reply

    Really fantastic. You got my note in Reclaimed. There are so many wood projects I love—I had to save one furniture vote for a table I like using new wood, but reclaimed has more caché with me. Reclaimed is what I can afford, 1, my wife and I do not even eat meat as it is responsible for more CO2 emissions than transportation is, + ocean dead zones mostly from all the waste, & ~50 dead fish are thrown into the water for ever pound of seafood we (don’t) eat!
    Reclaimed is all we will have after all arable land & water are used so that the earth’s richest 10% can order a Big Mac.
    Believe it or not, I didn’t mean to get political + what s person eats is very personal; I have a don’t ask/don’t tell policy—I do not convince others; I simply am the change I want to see.
    I’ll go vote on more plant-based recipes now :-$ that I talked myself into it. I’ve made furniture myself—I appreciate your art and design with reclaimed material! Truly a beautiful wood vision you have here.ill check yourYoutubeyour YouTube channel. Ever see The Slingshot Channel? Jörg Sprave—therrrrrrre’s something made from recycled materials. Ha ha! (imitatating Sprave: let me show you its features! Ha ha ha ha!)

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    Thank you very much for your kind words and your statement, I don't know the Slingshot Channel on youtube, but i will check it out!

    You’ll like it, guaranteed. Sprave’s a maniac, but he makes Gatling guns out of wood, that shoot arrows/& or steel Slingshot balls, he can’t be all bad.
    I meant to say you got my vote. Thank you autocorrect.

    very nice table, but wonder if you thought what it would look like on its end, standing up with led lights and mirror on bottom with glass top.I think it would show off the wood better plus a a real show piece ..

    1 reply

    Thank you very much! I thought to put a glass on the top and place some LED's inside but I ran out of time.

    I'd really love to make it. It's impressive and beautiful. Shame I don't have a jointer/power planer.
    Personally, I'd place it with the hold facing up, and attach a glass top to it. I think it'll look great.

    1 reply

    Thank you! at the time I haven't found a glass shop at my place to buy a proper hardened glass plate but I'm sure it would looked awesome!

    Is that a ketchup bottle for glue? Ha ha! Great 'ible! Love it

    1 reply

    Yes it is! Its perfect for large glue-ups. Thank you!


    9 months ago

    How beautiful and inspiring! I know I'd like to make a couple at least 2 for end tables in my familyroom and maybe another as a coffee table to match. But first I need to get my garage cleaned up so I can get to my bandsaw, tablesaw, etc.

    1 reply

    wow! that's quite and undertaking! you need a lot of pallets for this amount of cubes!

    Nicely done! That and a pillow and I've got the next cat bed!