Origami Star Earrings




Learn how to make these beautiful earrings

You will need:

- Paper
- 2 fish hook earrings
- Chain
- Resin

Aprende a hacer estos bonitos aretes

Vas a necesitar:

- Papel
- 2 Ganchos pescadores para aretes
- Cadena
- Resina

Step 1: Create the Stars

It is time to create the smallest origami figures you can create. I posted a video teaching how to make really small origami stars.

Es tiempo de crear las figuras más pequeñas que puedas hacer en origami. Publiqué en este paso un video enseñando a hacer estrellas muy pequeñas en origami.

Step 2: Making the Earrings

In this step what I did was to join the different elements that make up the earrings. You can learn it from the video.

En este paso lo que hice fue unir los diferentes elementos que componen los aretes. Puedes aprenderlo con video.

Step 3: Apply Resin

The last step is to apply resin on the figures, to protect the paper, so the earrings can stand the weather. For this, the resin is prepared as it says in the instructions (in this case I had to add the same amount of two different components, then combine them and then apply it on the figures)

Let it dry.

El último paso es aplicar resina sobre las figuras hechas en origami para proteger el papel, haciendo que los aretes puedan soportar el tiempo y la intemperie. Para esto se prepara la resina como diga en las instrucciones (en este caso se debía agregar la misma cantidad de dos componentes diferentes y combinarlos para después aplicarlo sobre las figuras)

Dejar secar.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Earrings



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    5 Discussions


    25 days ago

    i thought they were made of clay - but it's real paper origami - so tiny! I'm impressed.

    1 reply

    24 days ago

    Wow.... Need lots of patient to do this.....

    Penolopy Bulnick

    25 days ago

    These look super cute! Thanks for sharing them!
    And thanks for sharing how you coated them with resin; I have been thinking of making earrings out of ribbon and wanted to try something like this to make them sturdier, I think I'll have to actually try it now :)