Persian Jewels




These 3-D printable rings are inspired by the beautiful traditional Persian ceilings.


Step 1: Technical Drawing

The Rings are designed with an internal diameter of 20mm.

The Face portrays the Persian ceiling inspired designs engraved into the 11mm diameter face.

Step 2: Ring Options

There are three distinct rings here all inspired by three separate traditional Persian ceilings.

Step 3: Views

Although these rings have a uniform color ranging from gold, silver, red or black.

They do a great job to express the royalty and elegance of these inspirational pieces.

Step 4: Printing the Rings

Attached are the CAD files in STL. format for the three rings.

You can print these in most printers as they have been adjusted for that purpose.

Now you too can have a taste of these royal pieces.

Just download and print a piece!



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    6 weeks ago

    Very unique design idea, I like it! Have you printed any? I'm curious to see how the shapes look in real life.

    1 reply