Pokemon Egg Bath Bombs




Introduction: Pokemon Egg Bath Bombs

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Even experienced Trainers need to unwind and relax after long walks searching for Pokemon. Create your very own Pokemon egg bath bombs that contain a little surprise waiting inside!

What a Pokemon Trainer needs:

1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
1/2 cup epsom salts
1 tsp. water
2 tsp. essential oil (I used lavender)
3 tsp. kitchen oil (I used olive oil)
Green food dye (You can also use mica(eyeshadow) mixed with a wee bit of isopropyl)
Mixing bowls, whisk and measuring cups/spoons
Egg molds (I used kid toy containers)
Pokemon toys you'd like to hatch during bath time!

Step 1: Mix Dry Ingredients

It's important you don't mix the dry ingredients and the oils together too quickly or you'll just be treating your hands to a nice bubble bath in the bowl. First mix 1 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of citric acid and 1/2 cup of epsom salts evenly in a nice large bowl. Doing it with your hands is fine and fun to do. I just didn't want to make a mess of my gloves...

Step 2: Mix Water and Oils in a Separate Bowl

The title says it all. Wack in 1 tsp of water, 2 tsp of essential oil and 3 tsp of kitchen oil together in a separate bowl and give it a little stir.

I used lavender and olive oil. I found the essential oils in the health and beauty section of my local supermarket. Also most kitchen oils will do the trick.

Step 3: Slowly Add the Oils Into the Dry Ingredients

Slowly add the oils a little bit at a time in between stirs so it doesn't react with the dry ingredients. Once it's all in give everything a good mix together.

Step 4: Pack Ingredients and Pokemon Into an Egg Mold

Found these molds at the local toy shop. Another good place to look for molds could in candy/sweet shops. But if you have no luck you can buy these Disney toys online so check eBay.

Pack everything in nice and firm so your Pokemon don't break free too early. Let dry over night.

Step 5: Paint on Egg Spots

I used food dye because it was more simple for a DIY thing and people would likely have it already at home. But a better method is to use mica(eyeshadow) mixed with just enough of isopropyl to paint it on. It has a neater look in the end and well worth it if you plan on making a bunch of them.

I just painted on the food coloring with my finger. Might have to dab off some small bubbles with a tissue.

Step 6: Incubate


Step 7: Enjoy!

So yeah, there you go! No need to walk 10kms when you can hatch them relaxing in your bath tub!

Hope you Pokefans liked this tutorial! Please follow for more creative and geeky DIYs. I upload videos weekly on my YouTube channel :)



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    23 Discussions

    mine didn't work. it just separated into two parts

    what if you mix cooking salt and no citric acid will it work???

    These look so easy and fun to make, that I've got to try to make this.

    Hi, i make reviews for this projects at http://www.foundiy.com/2016/09/make-now-magic-with-pokemon-that-born.html

    I love pokemon but can you make something without an oven or stove please

    Everything is Pokémon Go now. When you search on the internet for Pokémon, Pokémon Go comes up first. It does not surprise me that what started Go is forgotten. Cool eggs, but no Go for me.

    1 reply

    Yeaaaaah I know. Anybody who really plays Pokemon knows "Go" isn't really Pokemon, but a GPS toy with Pokemon in it.

    The Pokemon we adult players know as a deep and thought-bending game of planning and strategy, bolstered by a strange bond we form with the creatures we raise even though we know they're not real... palely imitated by a cell phone app that has you mashing your screen frantically.

    Worse, you can only raise anything by catching millions of other ones and essentially scrapping them for parts. Yeah, that's the power of the bond between Pokemon and trainer, all right.

    Worse still is people won't stop pestering us old hat Pokemon pros to play it when we have no interest in a sad imitation that kicks mud on everything the games stood for for so long - companionship, teamwork, and strategy. Not catching millions of critters to sell them for candy and screen mashing. It's really a bit perverse.

    But anyways, the point I had meant to make is more that this really... isn't a tutorial about pokemon eggs. It's a tutorial for how to make a bath bomb using a plastic mold and enclosing a toy inside. And it's a really good tutorial for that! But I feel like specially saying its for Pokemon is an attempt by the author to garner more hits and likes riding off of the current upsurge of Pokemon popularity. And really, since Pokemon eggs look like several billion things at this point and Yoshi's eggs have always looked precisely like that, it feels weird to say the tutorial is specific to a Pokemon theme when it could be used for anything, ESPECIALLY when Pokemon eggs have looked like...

    Pokemon Eggs.jpgyoshi_learnt_to_throw_eggs_by_elmago6000-d55pfxc.jpg1910448-yoshi_egg_yoshi_render.png

    In the Pokemon Go, the eggs look like the one I have shown. As you can see it's much closer. And besides, who wants TAN bath water? It's a dull brown!


    THose eggs remind me of Yoshi from the Mario games. ;)

    Brilliant idea. I am gonna hatch em all

    he's using the pattern from the ones at Pokemon GO thats why they are not like the other two styles of pokemon eggs but yeah they quite the same from Yoshi

    2 replies

    I looked them up, and you're right. but the "Go" eggs have really randomly spaced and shaped spots, these are even, like Yoshi. Honestly pokemon eggs can essentially look like anything because of how they're portrayed in the anime, but Yoshi eggs always look like this, so I think it'd be a better title...

    I even thought the eggs were Yoshi's. It would be cool to make the different types of pokeballs from the anime. That would be awesome.

    It looks like complaining is exactly what you're doing. If you don't like it, make the pattern different. Duh.

    Came out great Nick!

    Epic work, I surprised with all the craze around Pokémon Go you havnt started selling these - Top work

    Love that you were wearing Ash's gloves throughout the instructable. ;) Also, the incubator in Step 6 is pretty awesome. Great job!