Pop Up Valentine Card

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I decided I'd make a card to the person I like and I wanted to be special, seeing though we had been friends for 11 years. My friend told me that I should do a pop up card.


Step 1: Tools

What you will need:

Colouring pencils
Tape (you need 2 one seethrough one red, but I'm using Green)

Step 2: Draw a Giant Heart

There will be a heart that will pop up inside your card. This is what were going to draw now. You need to make it landscape and big so it fits into the card. Don't cut it out yet as we have some more steps before that.

Step 3: The Lines

Now you can stick the coloured tape down horisontally or vertically or even diagonally. Cut each end off but don't worry about that being neat, we'll cut that off later.

Step 4: The Flaps

To be able to stick this down, we need some flaps. Draw on two flaps either side of the heart.

Step 5: Cutting Around Your Giant Heart

Make sure you cut round it, not going off the line. Also, make sure you remember to cut round the flaps as the pop up won't work. Use seethrough tape if you have mad a mistake but don't make it noticable.

Step 6: Colouring in Your Heart

Colour in the gaps a colour which most fit Valentines (I chose purple from the Valentine poem 'Roses are red' but blue and green wouldn't have gone together :-\)

Step 7: Sticking the Heart Into the Card

Bend the flaps and fold the heart in half, and stick it into the card.



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