RC Eagle for Bird Photography




Introduction: RC Eagle for Bird Photography

This is a project for intermediate RC builders and flyers.The RC Eagle is constructed from the included pdf plans .It flies on three channels: ailerons, throttle and elevator.Powered by a 1300 Mah Lithium Polymer Battery flight times are around 15 mins on full throttle and exceed 20 mins if flown on half throttle.Copy the plans and scale/print according to your requirements.The plans here are adapted from the free licensed plans but I have greatly modified for increased flying performance.

The video posted here was made a while back with this same RC Bird ,with me at the controls. Notice how the birds follow it. Make sure your sound is turned on ,you'd love the relaxing background music. Full marks to my flying buddy for brilliant camera work.

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Step 1:

The construction is straight forward .Print plans on a white paper.Cut and paste them on a 6mm Depron / Insulation Foam / Fanfold foam sheet.I used coloured Depron white and black sheets.Cut out parts according to templates in the plans.

The wing uses kfm3 airfoil section consisting of three layers of foam slightly sanded from the leading edge.

I used a small carbon fibre rod for wing spar.Plywood can also be used.

The tail is a v tail both tail surfaces are at 110 deg angles.

Join the parts together using a foam safe glue

Electronics used

3 x 9gram servos

ESC (electronic speed controller ) rated at 15 Amp

500 kv , 25/40 g Cd rom type Brushless motor with an 8 inch narrow plastic propeller

3 channel receiver

1500 Mah Lipo Battery.

Step 2:

Install three servos one in the tail and two on the wings

The speed controller goes in the front behind the motor .

Shade the wing with crayons to give it a feathery look

Step 3:

Hand launch gently and fly slow circuits .

If there are any birds in the vicinity there will surely come to check it out.

Keep on flying in slow gentle circles and you will be able to bring the birds quite closer for photography.



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I'd also like to know where to obtain plans for this bird

3 replies

I have mine set at 60mm back from the leading edge at a point 65mm either side of the centre line. I also have about 5° down thrust as it climbed vertically when I applied the power! Good luck.

Thanks very much for your reply. Actually I did see later that the plans do show a C/G symbol. I didn't pick that up when I looked initially.

5 deg down-thrust sounds about right. Presumably that angle is in relation to the centre-line of the body of the bird. On my Dancing Wings Eagle down-thrust is about 8 deg relative to the underside of the wing - which sounds about the same.

very excellent sir.. please share the pdf full A4 plan design print in sj28550@gmail.com


2 years ago

It's probably illegal to chase a bird with a model plane. Better to get a quality telephoto lens and a tripod.

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Overhear its the other way around, Birds are chasing the model bird.

I have flown RC model planes as hobby for a couple of years and the birds sometimes come and follow the model plane.

I had about 60 birds of a number of varieties follow one of my planes around one day - and often there are half a dozen or so. It seems they are just curious about that strange "bird"

Occasionally a bird will attack a model plane - usually in bird nesting season, but no responsible person goes and deliberately chases or annoys birds.

Don't know if you have ever watched eagles fly, but I often see smaller birds chasing them around in the air.

Are there any downloadable plans or a video for this?

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2 years ago

What motor are people using for this? This "500 kv , 25/40 g Cd rom type Brushless motor" is not clear, unless you are taking apart a CD-rom drive to get the motor.....

is the top picture actually real or did you just crop it?

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Very cool build an nice pics. I want to give this a try, we've got turkey buzzards around here that I've wanted to fly with. They're ugly as sin when they're on the ground, but on the wing they posses a grace that I find beautiful. I've not been able to locate the link for the plans pdf or the video. Where do I need to be looking?

the Andean Bolivian flutes are kind of annoying, I would jazz it up personally