Screwdriv'ify Your Knife




Introduction: Screwdriv'ify Your Knife

About: I made a beer mug with only a knife & a hatchet. I think that says a lot about me.

Calling this one an 'instructable' would be kind of rude, and featuring it almost an insult.

But, since there's no category called 'five-minute-projects' I decided to publish it anyway - maybe it can be helpful for someone somewhere sometime.

In fact, this howto is just a modification of a knife handle. No more than that.

If that discription doesn't set you on fire you can skip here & now and wait sleepless my next real instructable, which will definitely be worth the name and will wake up the fire within you. For sure.

In fact, this 'thing I did in 5 minutes' was not more than a small pleasure to make my workin' days 5% more efficient - which is quite a whole lot of percents, in fact.

Being more efficient means wasting less time and wasting less time means making a lot more money.

Deep inside us, we're all kapitalists anyway.

Step 1: From Worksite to Worksite

If you're a worksite nomad like me then maybe this mod can be something for you.

You know, in my professional life I always carry a knife. And a pocket torch, a marker, a credit card & two ripe bananas. Standard equipment, ready to go.

The knife in question is a Hultafors 'plumbers knife' - featured with a small file I always use never. It's a small inox fixed razorsharp blade that's designed to perform. And it's cheap, which is always a pleasure - 8 euro IS quite cheap.

But, often I always need a screwdriver, also.

So instead of putting another tool in my pockets - or switching to a Leatherman - I thought it might be a nice idea to integrate a bit-holder in the handle of my knife.

'If it's an advantage I'll discover it' I thought.

'If it's not the world won't stop turning anyway' my mind added.

Needs: knife & screw bit holder

Step 2: 5 Minutes

Clamp the knife & drill a first hole (diam. 6mm) in the handle.

Notice that you can't do this with every knife. Some are full tang and so impossible to modify the way I did.

Great plus of the Hultafors knives: they all are half tang, which means that half of the handle is filled with steel & the other half to be filled. Unintentional open source, I like that.

When the drill touches the tang you can stop drilling. Switch to a 8mm drill and drill only 20mm in the 6mm tunnel. What you've got: a big hole that reduces into a smaller hole, aka a negative image of the screw bit holder.

Last hole: a 2mm escape hole all the way through the handle.

Fill the hole generous with glue and smash the bit holder in its cavity. The glue will act as lubrifiant and the excess will escape by the two sideholes.

Let it cure a day. Tell your clients to wait & use that useful time to do some paperwork.

Worksite nomads never sleep.

Step 3: Back to Work Again

This mod is definitely not the best screwdriver in town, but for small occasional stuff it's definitely worth the money.

Combine it with a small bit case - fits easily in your pocket, but don't store it with those bananas - and you've got a micro screw survival team for almost nothing.

Like I said, not a real instructable.

But useful anyway, I guess.



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    19 Discussions

    Good times. Opens thoughts of how to incorporate other tools into each other. Like a hammer with a nail puller slot for really small items on the handle end? Thought provoking must be part of your drive to create.


    2 years ago

    What paradise do you live in where hex-head wood screws are common? I went to buy a box of Torx head wood screws because I'm putting in and taking up floorboards so often in my wreck of a house, but the stupid hardware store had virtually none, all the wrong size and they cost something like £8 for 25. 100 Pozidrive screws were half the price, but at what price my sanity having to deal with all those mangled screw heads?

    How much torque can you apply before that breaks? I would scratch up the metal, and clean it with alcohol before gluing them together. This might help... :)

    4 replies

    Good question, any idea how I could measure this? For what it's worth, it's been holding very well, even on a few 6mm wood screws. Even without the glue it wouldn't have slipped, I guess, since the fit was really tight.

    Use a torque wrench attached to the handle of the knife, put a bit in it and clamp the bit in a bench vice.

    Some flats ground on the bit holder would help or a pin through it but I guess this isn't a high torque tool and so does the job well enough without.

    Sounds stupid but I didn't know that tool - that's what happens when you're never in mechanics. Thanx for the tip!

    I think you'll have to break the screwdriver if you want to know... :)

    If it breaks, you can always make another one, and strengthen it up by putting a nail inside.

    Don't slip while screwing. It would be nasty to have that blade run up the inside of your arm. Another one to add to the list of things that can go wrong as a result of....

    1 reply

    Totally right! Not an accident I used it on a new hinge and not on a rusty screw. Like I said, it's more a handy gadget than a regular heavy duty tool..

    CA or bicomp would have been a better choice, in fact since they're curing harder than the E6000..

    Your 'ibles always kindle a fire of thought within me. Sometimes it is just a few sticks and others a bonfire. I always look forward to your 'ibles.

    "'If it's an advantage I'll discover it' I thought.

    'If it's not the world won't stop turning anyway' my mind added."

    A set of words that I know I needed to hear. Hopefully many others will hear them as well.

    1 reply

    It's been a pleasure my friend. Half of the fun of these ibles is the making, half is the writing. I've always taking the 'sharing' very large, you know. Often my ideas are the best I have to offer, it would be sad not to include them in the package...


    2 years ago

    "Like I said, not a real instructable."
    You are wrong, that rocks!

    1 reply

    Glad to hear that, thanx!