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Introduction: Shamballa Bracelet Hex Nut

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Hi, friends!

In this instructable I would like to share with you how to make Ajustable Shamballa Bracelet with Hex Nuts. Great gift for your Dad, BF, Husband or even yourself!

Let's start!


For this project you will need:

  • Hex nuts small size
  • 3m Cord
  • Super glue
  • Scrisors
  • Tape


Cut the cord in 3 pieces.
First 40cm, we'll use it as a support cord on which we'll thread the hex nuts.Second 60cm, will be a sliding clasp, and last will be 2m, that we'll fold in half.

Use the tape to secure your cord to your working area. Thread all the hex nuts meant for the bracelet on the support string, reserving 3 hex nuts for endings and clasp. (I treaded 32 of 35, but finally i neaded only 17 hex nuts, depending on how big your wrist is and your cord size.)

Tape it at about 10cm from the edge. This cord will be useful at the end, for the finishing touch. Put a piece of tape to the other end. Take long cord and put it under the support string (RED), with the same amount of cord on each side.


1. Make the first simple knot.

2. Cross the first string under (BLUE with knot at the end).

3. Cross the second string (GREEN without knot) over the support string. Cross each cord through the loop created by the opposing cord.

4. Slide a bead towards the knots to integrate it to the knotting.

5. Make 2 knots. You can increase it, the number of knots determines the length of space between hex nuts or beads.

6. Repeat the pattern until the desired lenght, about 17 cm.


Now remove the two pieces of tape. Apply one or two drops of SuperGlue on the last knot to strengthen it. Wait a few seconds and cut both ends of the strings without cutting the support string.


Take the remaining string ends and cross them through one of reserved hex nut.
With remainint 60cm cord, above the nut, make a series of 3 knots around the supporting cords, as described. Slide the hex nut and make 3 more knots.

Very carefuly apply one drop of SuperGlue to the last knot of the sliding clasp. Cut the excess cords from the sliding clasp without cutting the adjusting strings.

It's important to put a small amount of glue, and move the support strings inside the clasp for a couple of seconds. This will prevent them from being stuck together, and you'll be able to ajust the length of your bracelet.


Make a stop knot on each end, thread a hex nut and make another knot at an equal distance from each string.
Add a drop of SuperGlue on the knots and cut any excess cord.

Have fun!



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    I can also see certain possibilities in it as a personal defense item. It probably has a certain amount of heft to it.

    That looks really nice, such a creative idea, I'd like to have one.