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Introduction: Shop Cheats: Magic Socket Trick

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So I want to do a series of Instructables of some handy ways I cheat in the shop. We will see how many I manage to post. But at least there's this one!

This is one of my favorite tricks in the shop. Because anyone who sees you use it for the first time believes you to be some kind of mechanical Magus. Seriously! It is apparently really impressive. On more than one occasion I have needed to hold a nut or bolt in a socket while lowering it into place. And it always seems like when I need to do this there is some impossible labyrinth of hoses, wires and parts in the way. But putting a magnet in the socket would be too troublesome because of the maze you have to navigate. Or the target for the fastener was too close to some larger magnetic piece. There are a lot of things that could be done, but none as simple as this. Just take a piece of paper (printer, notebook, towel, cardboard, etc,) and jamb it into the socket with the nut or bolt. The little bit of compressed paper adds enough friction to the equation to prevent the fastener from slipping out of the socket. And no magnetism, no sticky stuff on my sockets, and I will not need to worry much about a bit of paper getting in the works. There is a little foresight required here. Always test how tight the fastener is in the socket. No sense in having it fall out while playing the reach game, or worse, having the socket stuck to the fastener. It is probably one of the oldest tricks that I know of, but it saves so many headaches.



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    Looks like a great idea as long as you don't wind up with your socket detaching from your ratchet

    Thank you, love it. Hey moderator.......this should be a catagory.....Shop Cheats.....I could offer several also.

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    Yes! Please make this a category/sub-category! I have quite a few Shop Tricks/Cheats that I'd like to make Instructables for.

    I use dum dum (the sticky, gummy stuff you use to seal tail lights with) just put a little piece in between the socket and bolt.

    Awesome! How clever! This will definitely come in handy. Thanks for sharing!

    Wow, how did I never think of that? That is quite brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

    Doh! (smack forehead here and wish I'd thought of that!)

    Nice job and thanks for sharing!

    Every one of these is such a "why didn't i think of this," I'm feeling pretty dumb now. Thanks for these tips!!

    Nice. Hope you keep posting more shop cheats.

    This is nice trick, I'll try it when I need it.

    Do you know how many kinds of wrenches there are?! If you're using the right tools for your job it's also will save you so many headaches :-) I recommend you to study all kind of tools, in the last 4 years I found tools that saved me a lot in my projects, and I still didn't seen/use most of the tools. Good luck and I hope to see more of your hacks :-)

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    You should see my tool box. I have a dozen wrenches in the same size, but in different patterens. There are still dozens of wrenches I think I need.

    There's been a dozen times that I have struggled with this issue. Thanks.

    I've done similar using tape to hold a bolt in a socket.

    Good ideea!. When I don't have the proper wrench, I use a screwdriver. Never thought using a piece of cloth.