Simple Pour Over Coffee Stand




Introduction: Simple Pour Over Coffee Stand

Do you like coffee?

Do you want to make your own personalized pour over stand?

If you answered "yes" to the any of the previous questions, make sure to take a look through this instructable!

The goal behind this project was to make a simple and somewhat cost-effective stand in order to practice and better perfect an ability to make quality pour over coffee. Since there are a plethora of available pour over stands already on the market, I decided it would be more unique to make a stand tailored to any personal aesthetic and technical specifications.

Approximate Project Time (4 hours)

Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Wood
  • Threaded Steel Rod (1/2")
  • Steel Nuts (1/2") (minimum of 8 nuts)
  • Lock Nuts (Optional)
  • Hole-Saw Drill Bit
  • Coffee (Grounds or Beans)
  • Paper Filters
  • Glass Funnel (Borosilicate Pyrex)
  • Coffee Cup/ Mug


  • Drill Press
  • Drill Bit (1/2")
  • Miter Saw
    • or Table Saw
  • Band Saw
    • or Hacksaw and Vise
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ruler
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Hot Water Kettle
  • Coffee Grinder

Step 2: Prepare the Wood (Mark & Cut)

Once you have assembled your materials, you will want to measure and cut the wooden base and upper. I cut both the upper and lower pieces to be the same size!

After measuring and noting your initial cut marks you will also want to measure the diameter across your glass funnel. After doing this, make sure to center and mark it on the cut pieces. I placed my circular cut slightly off-center (vertically) in order to account for weight and the rod that will connect the two wood pieces.

In addition to the circular cut for the funnel, you will also need to account for a smaller hole in-line with the funnel cut. This will be where the connecting rod is put through.

** In addition to cutting the wood pieces, you will want to cut the threaded metal rod to a preferable size (Use a bandsaw or hacksaw). I cut mine so that a smaller to-go thermos would fit under it.

Step 3: Drilling

After cutting your wood pieces to size, you will then want to drill your holes through the upper wooden piece! **Make sure to drill slowly to avoid any cracking or damage to the wood.

Once you've drilled both holes for your upper piece, remember to also drill the lower piece for where the metal dowel will run through.

Step 4: Assembly

Now that you have made your cuts and holes on the wooden block it is time to assemble the remaining pieces!

You should now have the following components to assemble:

  • Upper Wooden Block
  • Lower Wooden Block
  • Hex Nuts (x8)
  • Metal Dowel

1. Screw on a hex nut on either side of the metal rod. Screw them further onto the rod until you can place the rod through the wooden blocks to where there is only enough room for an outer nut to be tightened on. (Flush to end of the rod after tightening)

2. After mounting the wooden blocks to the metal rod on both sides, you will notice that when you try to set the stand flat, the out hex nut will set it off balance. Due to this, you'll want to hot-glue 4 Hex Nuts on each corner of the underside of the wooden base.

Step 5: Make Some Coffee!

Now that you've made your stand, all that is left is to fit your glass funnel and paper filter into the top hole!

After fitting that, try your hand at perfecting your pour over craft!

Here is a link on making pour-over coffee to get you started:

Step 6: Future Work

Future plans will include further alteration of the wood portions such as the routing of corners and softening/ smoothing of any hard edges. In addition to this, I plan to stain the wood to protect it while maintaining a natural finish.

Woodworking Resources:



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    18 Discussions

    great coffee maker to make yourself. never know when there may be a year long power outage


    8 months ago

    this is cool. I made something similar out of cardboard boxes whe we were in Iraq with no well and we at least had coffee

    Stain it with coffee? Then oil it.

    I was thinking how the look could be modified if the metal rod was replaced by a copper pipe. Thanks for share.

    Elegant, simple design! I was wondering why you didn't use the silicone self adhesive dots for the feet to keep the base from sliding? The nut for the rod could have been recessed into the base or a dowel used...just a thought. Thank you for sharing :)

    2 replies

    That would be a better idea in terms of keeping it still. I will most likely recess the nut soon! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Supr :-)

    Nice idea, I like the look of this with wood.

    You may want to use t-nuts or threaded inserts for the rod. Then you wouldn't have to put the feet on. Just a thought :)

    1 reply

    That would definitely make it cleaner and more seamless, I'll have to look into it. Thanks!

    Xtremely aesthetic ! Solid marriage between modern and vintage haphazardry ! LOOOOOOOVE it !!! Why don't you create a coffee line and look for coffee machine makers who would want to sell your creation ?

    1 reply

    Thank you! I'd have to look into that further, that could definitely be a fun idea!

    The photo of the holesaw says it is 4 inches / 108 mm diameter. Obviously, the funnel is somewhat bigger than that.


    8 months ago

    Simple, Cheap, Functional!

    It was the target, and you did it. It is goodlooking too.

    You good use a nut on top like these ones ( I don't know the neglish name)

    And a tip: You good drill the holes, especially the 4" one, before gutting the wood. Than it is easier to drill because you don't have to fiddle withe the small pieces.

    1 reply

    A different nut like that could look much cleaner and you're definitely right about drilling the bigger piece, thanks!