Soldering Stand ONLY 3 Joints




Introduction: Soldering Stand ONLY 3 Joints

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While soldering the smoke from solder is very irritating and not good to health and handling the PCB is difficult hence I decide to make a 'Soldering Stand with Exhaust fan'. This is a simple and easy way to make Soldering stand.In this i am using some cheep and very use full items,it's widely available.I hope you are interested ................................................Let's make it...................................................


  • Tools we needed
  1. Glue Gun(60w)
  2. Screw Driver
  • Parts to make it
  1. CPU Heat-sink (got from old motherboard)
  2. Exhaust Fan 12v ( got from old SMPS)
  3. Battery Clip
  4. Two Screws

We are doing it with Only 3 joints

Step 2: 1st JOINT ; Screw the First Clip

Take the heat sink and the one battery clip to joining

  • Screw the Battery clip in heat-sink slot

Step 3: 2nd JOINT ; Screw the Second Clip

Take another battery clip and screw in the heat-sink like shown in that picture.

Step 4: 3rd JOINT ; Stick the Exhaust Fan

In here i am used 12v Exhaust Fan got from old SMPS.take the fan and heat-sink,I am used Glue gun to joining together .

Step 5: Advantages

  • Widely available parts
  • Simple construction
  • Portable



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    6 Discussions

    I am using a 12v 7ah rechargeable battery or 12v adaptor

    Thank you my friend

    does it need to be 12v, a 5v fan could run from usb power, so potentially a powerbank (or of course a wall charger)

    I think having the clamps fixed like this is too limiting, perhaps you could use a bar of meccanno style metal (ie. regular holes along the length) to attatch the clamps as you need for a more versitile tool