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This instructable is how a gift from my sons unknowingly helped me lose weight and became a piece of my wedding day.

Step 1: The Purple Gift

These are my two boys many years ago. Now grown men, lives of their own, I still see them as the little boys who pampered their Mom all the time with many gifts of jewelry..

Step 2: Gift Mobile

With the many gifts over the years, I put them all together attaching them to a piece of driftwood found with one of our beach visits. It now hangs in my living room where I can enjoy it every day. I used either the necklace it came with or wire to hang the "gifts" from the driftwood.

Step 3: The Purple Gift

When they were playing out one day in the neighborhood, they came home and asked for some money as there was a yard sale close by. I gave them $5 each, at ages 9 and 14, and off they went. When they returned, they were carrying a very pretty purple dress-for ME. They knew how much I loved the color purple and saw the dress, tags still on it and they were proud that they bought it for $6. It was a beautiful dress and such a wonderful surprise. The size however, was not what I wore. I hung it in my bedroom on display to enjoy it and use it to begin losing weight.

Step 4: Wedding Day

In 2005 I met a wonderful Man whom I married in 2009 in the Purple Dress my boys bought me. It fit perfectly and I was finally the size I needed to be to wear it. My lovely gift from the two most important men in my life became part of the day that would mean more to me for the rest of my life.



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    2 years ago

    aww, I love it!


    2 years ago

    What a beautiful story. Kudos to your supportive and loving sons (and to you, for raising some great human beings)!