Two Person Street Luge




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This is a 2 person luge that I made today out of my "guest luge." It only took about an hour. It isnt meant for tall people, but they can easily fit if you just bend your legs. It is really long and really heavy. My two little brothers (as shown in the pics and the videos) are very happy with it. They think it is amazing, even though it goes somewhat slow. I meant to incude a step by step, but I forgot to take any pictures.





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    Higgs Boson

    6 years ago on Introduction

    A steeper hill would solve the problem of going too slow, but would also make it harder to maneuver. If only there was a way where only one person could steer it so that you could enjoy the benefit of more momentum that the extra mass provides without having to worry about having two separate people have to cooperate in steering (during my past experiences, this cooperation was elusive).

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    deep-cycle battery that powers a boombox. that's like 30 extra lbs at least! and you can keep a slimish profile and gain mass.