USB Keyboard Arduino Key Mapper for MacOS

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I've switched from the PC to a Mac Computer and I wanted to still using a PC Keyboard, because I like the Layout. But then you got a problem with these keys: {}[]|<>@\ . And you can’t fix it in the MacOS System Settings.

I wanted a Hardware solution, because I don't wanted to update the Mapper Software year after year.

That's the reason for my project.


Step 1: What You Need

This is what you need:

  • Arduino Leonardo Board
  • USB Host Shield
  • Arduino Sketch “Keyboard Mapper”

Step 2: How to Build the Mapper

Do these steps to build the Mapper:

    • Connect the Leonardo Board with the Mac via USB
    • Upload the Sketch into the Leonardo Board
      (if you are using a normal PC Keyboard, then use the "KeyboardMapper4.ino"
      if you are using a Apple USB Keyboard, then use the "KeyboardMapperAppleKeyboard4.ino")
    • Stack the USB Host Shield on the Leonardo Board
    • Connect the USB PC keyboard with the USB Host Shield Port.

    That's it.

    Step 3: Use It

    The Mapper is working out of the box (all relevant keys {}[]|<>@\ are always mapped).

    But you can change additional Key Mappings if you press the Keyboard keys "ALT" and "ESC" at the same time.

    Then the Settings-Menü will printed on the screen (before this you should open a Text-Editor).

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