USB Power Fan




Took fan out of cpu,

stripped outer and inner insulating wires. Took old usb cord, snipped un needed end. Also stripped both layers of insulated wires. To test concept, used alligator clips, color coded accordingly, to connect black, red, and white(used green to bridge). Power source is a 5V anker charging unit for cell phones and other portable devices. Fan did run. Attempted endurance test, ran about 90 minutes before I stopped and went to bed.

Removed tips on left side to show what was removed. NOTE: when wiring, the 4th USB cord that is green is for data, and can be ignored or cut. it is NOT the green alligator cord, that is the WHITE cord as a stand-in.

I had used my dad's car stereo installation kit that had wire cutters and strippers in it (that was the only tool i needed from it).

This was mostly a proof of concept project to see if it would work in the first place, it would be for a bank of fans for my dad's mech warrior costume he's making.




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    s3tw0l4DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you. The biggest change to make is to boost the power of the fan, either with more power, or some other method. still work in progress