Unicorn Nails Design




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Learn how to make Unicorn nails design

Step 1: Paint Your Thumb All Over the Nail

Use one colour to paint your thumb all over the nail. You may need to do two coats for a block colour.

Step 2: Make a Unicorn Head

Using a thick brush to make a unicorn head.

Step 3: Make a Ears

Using a medium brush to make a ears.

Step 4: Paint a Horn

Then paint a horn.

Step 5: Paint a Inner Ear

Using a dotting pen to make a inner ear.

Step 6: Paint a Unicorn's Eyes

Using a thin brush to paint a unicorn's eyes.

Step 7: Paint Cheeks

Using a dotting pen to make rosy cheeks.

Step 8: Forelock

Using a medium brush to make a forelock.

Step 9: Paint a Stripes

Then paint a stripes on unicorn horn using a thin brush.

Step 10: Top ))

When the nail is dry, paint a clear coat over the top to make the pattern last longer.

Step 11: Finish)

You can also find more tutorials of nails art in the video at the top of this page. Thanks for watching! ))



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