Vinyl Laptop Decal




Introduction: Vinyl Laptop Decal

Create custom vinyl decals for your laptop and other devices, like this zombie, in just a few simple steps using the Silhouette Portrait® or CAMEO® and Silhouette vinyl.

Supplies you'll need:

Step 1: Design

Open the design in the Silhouette Studio® software and resize the image to fit your device.

Step 2: Cut

Feed the black vinyl directly into the Silhouette, white backing side down.

In the Silhouette studio software open the Cut Settings window > select Vinyl from the materials list > click Send to Silhouette.

Step 3: Weed Out the Design

Using the hook tool, weed (or remove) the excess vinyl from the white backing.

Step 4: Apply Transfer Paper

Cover the zombie design with transfer paper.

Use the scraper tool to ensure the vinyl adheres smoothly to the paper > slowly remove the transfer paper and vinyl from it's original backing.

Step 5: Transfer Design

Use the grid lines on the transfer paper as a guide when lining up the design on your device.

Carefully adhere the vinyl design to the laptop > use the scraper tool to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles created when transferring.

Step 6: Finish

Turn on your laptop > step back > admire your skills and the glow of the new zombie eye!



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    12 Discussions


    2 years ago

    what is that printer/cutter u used? Make/Brand

    Are the decals removable? I'd like to have students make their own laptop decals but the laptops are school-owned so they would need to be easily removable.

    1 reply

    I don't know about the Silhouette vinyl, but the Oracal ones I've worked with are. Might be a little tricky at times, but generally they leave minimal residue if removed cold.

    If you can get a masking vinyl in black - use that instead, it has low tack adhesive for easy removal, leaves no residue at all and still holds one well enough.

    I attempted to connect to the webinar but was unable to get it to work. Did you happen to record the talk?

    hey busyB. if you like you could e-mail me at maybe i can help you to get it right!

    I'd love to see more about how the design was created in or imported into the software.

    Awesome decal. Thank you for sharing. I hope to get a Cameo soon.

    This might be the best sticker-over-the-glowing-Apple-symbol I've seen. Very nice.

    I love my Silhouette CAMEO. This instructable needs links to the supplies used (especially if they are a great price!)