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Hi everyone! today I am going to show you how to make a Wearable Rechargeable Portable Body Heater--and Massager. This will act as a body warmer to help you survive the bitter cold winters.The vibrator function provides efficient blood circulation throughout the body also provides a sweet massage instantly. Building this is very easy and a person having a basic knowledge can do this in one afternoon...

This Gadget has 2 modes, Heater & Vibrator After a full recharge the gadget works for about 4-5 hours (with use of heater mode for 5 mins at interval of 30 minutes and vibrator mode continuously). Using higher capacity battery will increase the backup time.

This gadget heats up to around 50-60 degree Celsius . thus providing a comfortable body temperature besides the bitter cold.

The Principle : The principle here is to warm the body by providing heat to the nerves present under wrist to warm the blood which circulates throughout the body. This way we will survive the cold by bringing the body temperature to normal. This gadget has no side effects as tested by a surgeon.

I have done much prototyping during the invention of this gadget, please Vote me for WINTER WEARABLE CONTEST and support me :).


We will need the following materials to build our wonderful gadget:

1) TEC-12706 Peltier module. x 1

2) Heat sink - Fitting the peltier module x 1
3) Thermal Grease x 1

4) Vibrator Motor -- (Mobile phone vibration motor) x 1

5) 3.7 V 1500mAh Li-ion Battery x 1

6) Belt strap and Velcro

7) 5 V old charger/ adapter x 1

8) "Aux" Male female port and cable x 1

9) Wires and some basic tools

Follow the steps carefully ,and if any questions or doubts arise, they are always welcomed. so lets begin.....!

Step 2: Attach the Peltier Module to the Heatsink

Using some thermal grease attach the peltier module to the heat sink. Next clean up the excess grease.

Step 3: Add Vibrator Motor..

Next add the vibrator motor . I had fins in the heat sink which easily accepted the motor and held it firmly.

Step 4: Add the Switches and Wire Them

Next is to add the two small switches which fit into the heat-sink and
then pour some hot glue to secure them between the heat-sink. Wiring the switches is simple. You are just adding separate switch control to operate the vibrator and the heater. This way we have flexible option of using the gadget at our wish.

Step 5: Connect the Battery.

Next is to add a power source that will power the gadget. We will be using a 3.7V Lithium Ion Battery.

Advantages to use these batteries are:

1) Built in Charge controllers

2) They are compact.

First I had used a lead acid battery , but the gadget became bulky so I went on to use Li-Ion battery.

Though the peltier module is rated for 12V, using it on 3.7 V gives a comfortable temperature output of around 50-60 degree Celsius.

Step 6: The Charging Port

Now when battery is hooked up , we need a way to charge our heater. As
mentioned before , Lithium Ion battery has a built in charge controller circuit so we just need to hook a power source. We are doing this by using a AUX cable and port.

Step 7: Attach the Belt Strap

Now once when the electronics part is complete, we need to mount the heater on the hand. We will be using a belt strap recycled from old cloths belt . Next we will sew the Velcro to the strap. Please refer the photos for detailed understanding of the process.

Step 8: Using the Gadget

Using the heater is pretty easy, you just need to wear it like a watch whose dial is facing down, touching lower part of the wrist the way shown in the photo. Also I recommend to put a small Velvet cloth above the Peltier module to prevent overheating of the hand. After 5-10 mins of use just switch off the heater keeping the vibrator on , it works efficiently in winter for about 4 hrs : as with only vibrator switched on, the gadget works for around 6-7 hours.

Step 9: You Are Done!!

Congratulations!! You have just made a gadget which will help you survive a cold or a body pain. Just hook it up on to your hand and you are done. Any comments ,suggestions and modifications are welcomed.

Do comment vote and like . I appreciate your support.

If you like this project perhaps you like some of my others, do check them out !

Happy new Year!




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    9 Discussions


    2 years ago

    how do I make a heating and cooling fan?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    hey can u send me more details about the electronics aspect of this model!!plz


    4 years ago on Step 9

    Oh, also, Once in place , at what temp would the hotGlue melt ? I wouldn't want glue to drool on me...vm


    4 years ago on Step 9

    Hello & Thanks , Thinking ahead to a related project, could the vibrator rate (cycles per second) be varied ? ...vm


    4 years ago

    Have you looked into reversing the polarity of the power to the Peltier to turn this into a cooling unit in warm weather?


    4 years ago

    Have you looked into reversing the polarity of the power going through the Peltier to allow for cooling in warm areas?


    4 years ago

    Great idea. The vibration is a not touch for therapeutic purposes but as far as actual survival purposes it would not help circulate one blood around the body only to the tissue and the surrounding area. Battery life would be sustainable longer without it.

    Also it would be far more beneficial to create a device that would be comfortable to be placed in the armpit or crotch for survival situations. These are the areas closer to major circulatory arteries, and locations where is heat applied would be far more beneficial for increasing your core body temperature.

    Also with this project's current configuration and with it's use of a Peltier module, it could easily be converted into a powerful generator to trickle charge a device like a cell phone.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    nice concept dude.......that vibrator motor idea is genius