Wolf Goddess

Introduction: Wolf Goddess

About: Oh, hai! I've been sewing, and creating for nearly 11 years. Creation is my passion, and always will be. I'm a jack of all trades; a master of some. The main focus in each of my creations, is to look good...

This is a design I made that just started out as a rough sketch and became something practical!

The headdress is a leather harness that is basically a headband with a strap over the top to affix the horns. The horns are held on by a plumbing end-cap, dowel rods inside the horns, and JBWeld putty. Then everything sits atop that, not permenantly affixed for flexible wearing options. 

The hair is synthetic Kankelon, and fleece pieces. The horns are Blesbok. The crown is made out of tooling leather and a glass stone. 

The outfit is a simple design for a loin cloth and halter top, with tubular boot covers. 

How I made the mask:
First I made a tape and paper basic shape, then added a layer of ducttape to make it more smooth. I would suggest you apply a releasing agent to the basic form before you begin. I had one hell of a time removing the base shape without damaging the mask. I added about 4 layers of paper mache strips. (Flour and water paste) and added a final thick layer of paste to smooth out the paper strip lines. Be careful on how thick you apply the smoothing layer of paste. Ther were tiny cracks all over the mask, but I liked the way it looks for the over all feel of the costume. 

The outer layer of paint is just white housepaint, then simple acrylic paint for the black details, with a touchup of sharpie. I sealed the mask with satin Varathane.  

I am willing to make any of these pieces for commission at my Etsy Store! Lately I've been working with armor, but I'm up for any challenge! 



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    First, well done! That's amazing!!!

    I need to create a kind of mask like your for a show, and your is exactly what I have in mind; thanks for the instructions. I just would like to know if you still have a pattern?! Here's my mail : gressiermarine@ hotmail.fr

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards