Wooden Hummer H1 Model




Introduction: Wooden Hummer H1 Model

About: I love bulding wooden models!!

Wooden Hummer H1 Model with incredible detail! as it is fully functional.

Doors are open and also full detailed engine has been done! an other future is that this model has turning steering wheel and naturally turns the wheel as the real one does.

This model like all hand made models that i've made are art and inspiration from the hands of the creator of the beautiful and unique ..... Hummer H1

Dimensions: 14 cm Width 12.5 cm Height (with machine gun 22.5) 32 cm Length

Step 1: This Is How the Model Started...!!!

Step 2: Τhis Is How It Ends Up!!

So much wort to do and so many pics as well!!!



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    6 Discussions

    Maravilloso trabajo. En hora buena!

    That is an incredible amount of work! Superb!

    Check the video for more if you want to mu friend ;) you will have a full view of this model :)

    Thank you very much :) a lot of hard work my friend...this model is made fron a pine wood I dont have any specific tool it is full handmade!! :) I will upload and some more that I have done ;)