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Introduction: How to Grow Cat Grass

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Cat grass is something my cats LOVE. It's a special treat for them - we try to keep it around most of the time. It keeps them entertained and happy. :D

Plus, it's super cheap and easy to grow! It'll take about a week to get it to a good height, but after that, it's a grass eating free-for-all.

More cat pictures on the last step - Big Dee and Luna spent forever grazing when I set it out, and I took waaaaaay too many photos :D

Step 1: What You Need:

  • a small pot to grow in
  • organic potting soil
  • cat grass seeds
  • plastic wrap
  • water
I say organic potting soil because your kitties are going to be eating this and probably digging around in it when you're not looking. Avoid potting soils with lots of fertilizer in them - the cat grass doesn't need it anyway since it won't last long. :)

Cat grass can be many different types of seed, but it's typically oats or wheat. You should be able to find it in your local pet store pretty easily! And the good news is the seed lasts forever. The seed I'm using for this is some that was given to me 5-6 years ago by a friend for babysitting her cat. :D

Step 2: Planting

Fill your pot with soil, stopping 1-2 inches from the top. Scatter a handful of cat grass seed over the top of this - I like to do one thin, even layer.

Then add a couple of handfuls of soil over the top so the seeds are covered with about 1/4 inch of soil.

Step 3: Water and Cover

Water the seeds with 1/2 cup of water or so - you want the soil to be nice and moist.

Once that's done, cover the pot with plastic wrap (not too tightly - you still want a little airflow!) and set in a warm and dark location - I keep mine on top of the fridge!

Step 4: The Waiting Game

The second or third day you should see little sprouts coming up from the soil. Check that the soil is still moist every other day or so.

As soon as the grass gets to the size in the second photo, take off the plastic wrap and keep in a nice sunny place. I set mine on the back porch so the kitties would not be temped to eat it yet!

When your grass is 4-6 inches, feel free to let them have a go at it! It normally takes about a week to get to this size.

If you don't wait until the grass is high enough, chances are your cat with destroy is really quickly. :D

Step 5: Bonus Cat Photos

As the resident cat lady I feel it is my duty.

Big Dee likes to put her whole face in the grass. Luna always looks like a crazed murderer when she eats it.

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Where did you get this cute pink container? Would love to get a similar style. Do you know the dimensions? Thanks!


1 year ago

my cat grass used to look like yours, but lately can only find "cat grass" pkgs that are oat seeds (see pic...seeds are different from yours) and yes, i've had to go back to buying the already grown grass in the pet stores, but since they are fully grown they don't last much longer after purchase. I will continue my search for wheat grass seeds next shopping trip, but as I mentioned can only find the seeds in my pic. I will try the nurseries again too.

2 replies

Q when I get cat grass seeds would I store seeds until uses! To store them in ziplock bag & in put in fridge?

Hi what i use is common winter wheat seeds found at any co-op or i bought my last on ebay very cheap less than $10 for a bag seem to work great

When is the best time of year to put cat grass outside.

I want to start growing kitty grass and want to know if you used a non-draining pot. I have one I want to use but there are no drainage holes. Thank you!

1 reply

it is best to use a pot from which the water can drain. No drainage can reslt in the roots just kind of rotting. and mold can build up in the pots -- not likely to be good for kitties.

Your cats are gorgeous! I like your ideas on how to grow. I grow oat grass and/or barley grass for my two felines and also for rescued cats I tend (as a volunteer) at a local PetCo. The rescued cats who are for adoption really love it and I know its good for them. Bonus -- since it is a living plant, it also helps clean the air in their "suites". I buy seeds online and made kind of mini greenhouse out of a container that held one of those huge round cakes from Costco. I remove the clear lid when the seeds begin to sprout -- and then do as you instructed here. Happy holidays to you and yours!

My dogs love it too!!!

This look so catching. look forward to learn more from your instructors.


1 year ago

My last reply included a pic...I was successful with the wheat grass...I got the last 2 packets! My cat is thrilled!!

My service cat, Majyk and I have a deal. Once his harness is on, we go out and he grazes on the cat grass and rolls around like he's a kitten on catnip. Then, he will willingly spend the rest of the day shopping, exercising and what ever else his silly human wants to do. My other cats love it too, but are not as insistent about it.

I can't grow it inside for some reason. I just threw 6 year old seeds it outside in my garden area and after a short while they took off. They reseed themselves and we don't have super cold winters. I think mine is wheat grass. Pretty sure all the neighbor cats are loving it too.

Wheat grass was big in crafting awhile back, I found mine in a craft store.I got a big cup of it for under 3 dollars. Still haven't used it all.


1 year ago

do I need to make holes on the bottom of my container? My has none, but not sure if it needs drainage. Thanks

1 reply

Nope! The container I always use doesn't have any holes either. The grass can die if over-watered, so I just try to give it a little water every few days when the top looks dry.

hi :) this is the stage mine is what? trim it? just let it grow and grow til it falls over and dies? if the cat has no interest in it, are there other uses? thanks :)

2 replies

I just let it grow and grow, typically! I'm not sure about other uses. I know some folks juice wheatgrass and add it to smoothies, but I've never tried it since my cats are so into destroying it. :P

Thank you for posting. You have done a beautiful job posting, photographing and sharing with others. The kitties a adorable...

Just thinking out-loud- but if they digest enough grass it may be worth it to fertilize with organic in the long run and I personally have used wheatgrass myself for smoothies. :)

Pet grass seed is important, we tried wheat seed , it was to harsh for our cat .
we then tried certified organic oats seed which was a lot better until we ran out of seed and couldn't find any that time year but we came across Lucy's Cat grass, Buck Oats
is more expensive than the organic oats and wheat they offer , My cats cats now turn up their noses at any thing else , but my darlings are worth it

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I bought Wheat Grass already grown, in the produce area...Bill won't even look at it until it turns brown, and then he flings dirt and all everywhere! I know he likes greens because my plants get chewed. Will try oat grass.