Shaun Cassidy & Fruit on a Stick



mm k. now your fantasy will be reality. this is serious business.


Step 1: Go to Your Secret Stash

mm k. goes to your secret fulder where you store your shaun cassidy photos & print a couple on yuor printer.

Step 2: Find Some Scissors, Maybe in Secret

step b
cut him out. ,with scissors if you are aloud to use them.

Step 3: Converse, and Email Shaun Cassidy.

apply shaun cassidy to the stick.
now you can admire your work. others will too so be prepared to chat very much over this perfect conversation piece. shaun cassidy is the king of you.

email pictures of your progress to shaun cassidy's email address, below.
(removed by author, community, or Shaun Cassidy's request)

Step 4: Of Course, Add Grapes

add grapes on top.

Step 5: Bonus Video

click here for a bonus video



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    OK I get it.....entering on the "stuff on a stick" contest...