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  • CharlesD82 commented on scoochmaroo's instructable 5-minute Chocolate Cake7 weeks ago
    5-minute Chocolate Cake

    Made it yesterday, and it came out WONDERFUL!I substituted 2 Tbsp of applesauce instead of oil, and it was perfect!

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  • How to Build a 12x20 Cabin on a Budget

    I think you’re referring to the batten strips. They’re mostly decorative in this case, but we’re used in the old days to hold covering, like tarpaper, in place.The “Budget” part of the build is doing it yourself. Back in 2007, when I built a 12x16 two story shed, it cost me about $1200 US (3 windows, 2 doors and vinyl siding). The same one would have cost me $6-8K installed.

    You probably can, but if it were me, I would:A) Pour 10-12” of concrete in each post hole for added stability and to limit settling.B) Use pressurized lumber for the posts and floor risers (I can’t see if the author had).C) Add 3 or 4 (depending if you’re doing a porch) center posts with a center board under the floor risers, to provide stability.The added supplies would add less than $100US to the supply list.

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  • CharlesD82 commented on knipgold's instructable Pure Gold Wedding Ring3 months ago
    Pure Gold Wedding Ring

    Use a graphite block instead of charcoal. They're available online and pretty inexpensive, and they don't burn up like charcoal would.

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  • CharlesD82 commented on 3DSage's instructable 3D Printed Radio That Works!! Easy to Make6 months ago
    3D Printed Radio That Works!! Easy to Make

    Funny! My brothers and I used oatmeal and salt containers.

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  • Rusty Junk to Useful Stuff EASY With Chemistry!

    Yes, if you leave them in long enough (overnight, or a day or so), it will totally remove all of the rust and unfreeze them. I have had parts that were completely jammed to the point that I couldn't close or open them with extreme force. After letting them soak for a few days, they were like new.The best part of this process is that it will only remove the rust, not the good metal. If you're worried about soaking something that's heat treated (because you could develop hydrogen ions in the metal), just place it in an oven @ 400 degrees for an hour after treating.

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  • CharlesD82 commented on a-morpheus's instructable Undead Pan10 months ago
    Undead Pan

    The problem with using fire to "clean" the cast iron is that cast iron is very brittle, and if there are any flaws in the metal to begin with or if it is heated irregularly or too fast, you can potentially crack the metal, especially a piece as thin as that pot.IMHO, for something as lightly mucked as that pot was, I would have just used a damp washcloth with some coarse salt to scour the pan, give it a washing, and then treat it.

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  • CharlesD82 commented on geotek's instructable Making Box Joints10 months ago
    Making Box Joints

    Thank you so much! You just showed me the missing link on why my box cuts were never square (I was missing the spacing block and the guide). You have my vote!

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  • CharlesD82 commented on wilgubeast's instructable 9 Unusual Uses for Toothpaste11 months ago
    9 Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

    It's also very useful in removing water rings from furniture. Take a dab and rub it in a ciruclar pattern.

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  • CharlesD82 commented on makjosher's instructable How to Solder Copper Pipe12 months ago
    How to Solder Copper Pipe

    Flux for sweating pipes is corrosive (acid based) and will cause the treated area to corrode and turn green over time. I have been told that it would eventually cause pinhole leaks in the pipe, but so will the wrong Ph in water.

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  • Rusty Junk to Useful Stuff With Chemistry!

    That's one heck of a garage sale find! If no one has told you, that's a 1937 S&W 1917 contract model in .45 ACP/AR that was made for the Brazilian Navy. A boatload of them came back in the 1990's (in about that condition).Great Instructable!

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