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Having spent the majority of his childhood and working life in Newcastle, New South Wales, Nathan John Davidson is our choice pick for the new Supercheap Storage manager in the area. He moved from Mudgee to the neighbourhood when he was younger and joined Newcastle Grammar School for his senior years. Since then, he started his own construction business and now has moved into the self store industry by setting up our latest storage facility! Supercheap Storage has been expanding across Austra... Read More »
  • NathanDavidson commented on Mimikry's instructable DIY Magnetic Soap Holder4 weeks ago
    DIY Magnetic Soap Holder

    I saw this hack somewhere else and honestly I REALLY like it! I mean, I don't like the way that there's always this gross puddle of soapy and gunky water underneath soap bars that are left on the sink counter top. This is a really ingenious solution to keep the bar of soap dry and probably a lot more hygienic since it's been suspended out to dry!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on Thediycafe's instructable DIY Basement Aquaponics4 weeks ago
    DIY Basement Aquaponics

    I reckon that a lot of people are going to be interested in how they can grow themselves some healthy and organic food in their own basements. I personally prefer the convenience of supermarkets, but this could be an interesting experiment, if only just to see whether or not I had green fingers or not! Haha! wish my luck!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on stevenarango's instructable Side Table8 weeks ago
    Side Table

    To be honest, the digital drawing had me thinking at first that the end result was going to look more computerised. Perhaps the material choice eventually made the final product a little too simple for a complicated design.

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  • Thirteen Teardrop Camper Modifications

    I didn’t know that the lifestyle which revolves around mobile homes can be further improved with cool upgrades. The various options available just need to be explored to know exactly what your eventual needs are. It is not solely about having enough space inside, but it is also about making the whole experience even more memorable. Adding on more features would definitely help improve the whole mobile home journeys.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on Bodggit's instructable Play Fort2 months ago
    Play Fort

    Wow, I would love to have a go and no, I am not a kid lol! This screams super adventures with the kids not just during the weekends but on any other weeknights as well. This could be their greatest incentive yet to get them motivated to play off-screens at home.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on Kenijo's instructable Tiny Home Office Shed2 months ago
    Tiny Home Office Shed

    Now this little build is something that I could definitely get behind if I had a little bit more space in my backyard! All it needs is a lovely air-conditioning vent and I reckon I wouldn't need to step foot into my main house anymore! Haha! Alls well when you have your own little retreat in the comfort of your own property isn't it? Thanks for sharing the build - I am thoroughly inspired right now!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on Amit_Jain's instructable Paper Deer Lamp2 months ago
    Paper Deer Lamp

    Kids would go crazy over this! I am going to customize several designs and I can't wait for the festive season to come! I think I might just custom-make one for myself too with a galaxy theme which is my new found craze of late.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on schockmade's instructable Model Safe - Hidden in Plain Sight2 months ago
    Model Safe - Hidden in Plain Sight

    The actual scary thing about keeping money in plain sight is that you might eventually forget all about it and lose it all in plain sight. I still remember an incident that occurred during my childhood whereby I had been saving some cash in a toothpaste box because I didn't want anyone to find out. Eventually, I did not find out either where all those cash had gone because apparently someone had threw the box away which was disguised as "trash".

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  • NathanDavidson commented on garzoli's instructable Garden Concrete Bench2 months ago
    Garden Concrete Bench

    I was wondering about how you would secure the boards to the concrete when I first saw this picture. Glad to see a great way to do it on this article. Thanks for sharing!

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    Is it just me or is it truly remarkable to see a mobile home with a sundeck? I thought space is a huge constraint in mobile homes but to know that this setup is absolutely possible makes me wonder what else can you achieve. Sometimes you just got to explore all of your options. You never know when you would be able to experience a whole new level of greatness in something otherwise considered as dull and boring.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on tlp801's instructable The Base Camp Trailer2 months ago
    The Base Camp Trailer

    I have seen mobile homes before and how much they cost at stores. I have thought of constructing one myself but the instructions could get pretty tedious at times. I guess to build an extensive layout, you would need at least some experience in the field as well as patience and dedication. Without these factors, your final unit could end up as a waste of resources.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on CoralTV's instructable Small Space Holiday Tree2 months ago
    Small Space Holiday Tree

    I love ideas like this to be honest. These days homes are growing so small, there's barely any space to do anything, but at least with this, we can still be festive in our houses right?

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  • NathanDavidson commented on SusanYoung1982's instructable Teardrop Camper Made of Wood2 months ago
    Teardrop Camper Made of Wood

    This is one of the rarest mobile homes I have come across which is made of wood. Usually, mobile homeowners would prefer to use metal or a more durable material than wood. However, depending on the area you're living in and the purpose you are using it for, wood is a good alternative as well. As long as it can last long enough to serve the purpose you have in mind, it will be worth the effort.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on BogdanC5's instructable Reclaimed Wood Patio Armchair 2 months ago
    Reclaimed Wood Patio Armchair

    I love this - you can definitely customise a lot of this chair with this simple build just by painting it in or using different types of wood! I'm just wondering how you would treat it for regular outdoor use? What kind of coating would you spray on it? If you're going to spend all the effort to make it, you're going to want it to last a long time to show off your handiwork eh?

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  • NathanDavidson commented on Beetlesmart's instructable Mini Digital Library Bookcase 2 months ago
    Mini Digital Library Bookcase

    That is so adorable and very fascinating at the same time. I have seen several tiny cooking videos on Facebook and I think this project is somewhat similar. I think my opinion remains the same about creating anything mini and that is me having so little patience to be able to endure throughout the entire tiny project making.

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  • GrimmsBox: Build Your Own Storytelling Device

    Honestly, I doubt children would even be listening to the stories that are being read by this machine. They would basically be pressing the different buttons just to see how the whole system works and changes. Nevertheless, the idea still is out of this world!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on beamerpook's instructable Faux Living Stones (Lithops)3 months ago
    Faux Living Stones (Lithops)

    I've never seen real lithops to begin with but from your pictures I don't quite understand why they would cost that much! I reckon that making actual stones into plant looking things would be something awesome to do though!

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  • How to Make WINDMILL Generator From Cardboard for Science Project at Home

    I don't remember my school projects being quite this complicated. It's a testament to just how far education has come for the kids of this generation don't you think?

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  • NathanDavidson commented on dbenedetto's instructable Building a Floating Deck3 months ago
    Building a Floating Deck

    Such an incredible transformation indeed! Now it looks even cosier for loved ones to gather especially at night where stargazing becomes the perfect get-together activity every other weeknight to chase the blues away.

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    That's a veritable tiny house, that is. You should probably have a look into starting your own business making stuff like this or hook up with some construction company to get more of your handiwork appreciated by people who are buying the whole minimalist living thing! I reckon that with the knowhow of plumbing and structural integrity you have with this build, you could get a good career out of it, hey!

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  • How to Make a Sewing Table / Craft Table

    I reckon that the hardest bit about doing this would be to actually fit your sewing machine into the table top so that it's held sturdy for you to work on your things. Also, there has got to be a better way of organizing fabric too don't you think? I can't stand the way it looks like it's all just spilling out of the storage cubby holes like that!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on RayP24's instructable Gentle Giant Bookcase4 months ago
    Gentle Giant Bookcase

    This is extraordinary! I have never thought of building a storage cabinet in the shape of any characters or thought that it is even possible to begin with. This means that there are even more fun shapes to play around with starting from now. A simple shape like a flower or a car would also suffice to make any child happy!

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  • 100 Year-Old Secret Wall Mirror

    I have always wanted a secret storage compartment to avoid my precious possessions from being uncovered by the pesky little munchkins. I guess I would need to finally get my hands working again on this great idea soon.

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  • Closet With Hidden Safe Room

    I have always been afraid to have such safe rooms because I have always pictured myself being stuck in one of them without anyone else finding out. I could faint or even die in there only to be discovered after my body had badly decomposed. I guess this fear of mine that I have built up over the years is what's stopping me from having one of my own even if there is so much of storage space to play around with.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on Left-field Designs's instructable Up-cycled Kitchen Island5 months ago
    Up-cycled Kitchen Island

    You know what I think would look awesome on top of that kitchen island storage block? Some marble contact paper! It's a really cheap alternative to a high-end and classy look! I reckon that it would look really good in the kitchen if you could spend a little bit more time to do up the counter top!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on bdolge's instructable Portable Child's Paint-on Window/Easel5 months ago
    Portable Child's Paint-on Window/Easel

    This sounds like an interesting idea. You will be able to get a very different and interesting perspective with light and all that and I'm sure that the kids will really enjoy having a new outlet for their creativity after you've built this! I'd be careful with storage though! You need to be careful keeping glass items of course!

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  • MakerCube: Modular Workbench for Small Spaces

    Seriously those pictures of everything organized so nicely in a row like that. They are giving me the shivers. It's every obsessive compulsive person's dream to see things that neat..

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  • NathanDavidson commented on SouthernStyleDIY's instructable DIY Dining Room Pallet Decor6 months ago
    DIY Dining Room Pallet Decor

    You can really create al to of really wonderful things if you can get your hands on scrap wood like that. It would make sense to tear down a couple of wooden pallets and keep the wood in storage for times like that when you just need a little bit of something to DIY some decor in the house!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on HideGear's instructable Hand Stitched Leather Rucksack6 months ago
    Hand Stitched Leather Rucksack

    Now I know why hand-stitched products often come with hefty price tags! I usually buy them not just for their quality but also for the ample storage space such bags provide me with. If only I have such talent, I could save myself a lot of money as I do intend to expand my bags collection.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on Kink Jarfold's instructable GIFT BOX: EYE OF HORUS6 months ago

    Wow, you really need a lot of patience to fix every single piece of that intricate jigsaw pizazz don't you? I doubt I would be going that far of a mile for a storage box. Nevertheless, a great job done as always and looking forward to see more unique projects of yours!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on jmdushi's instructable A Tiny Cathouse6 months ago
    A Tiny Cathouse

    I love how storage boxes double up as cat toys - you could create a whole veritable maze out of them if you put your mind to it! And it'll be light and portable around the house to give them a change of scenery once in a while! It's a great solution to keep the kitties mobile!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on MrFixItDIY's instructable DIY Vertical Pallet Garden 11 months ago
    DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

    The one thing that usually crosses my mind each time pallets are concerned is the issue with termites. I would hate my vertical garden or even bike storage built using a pallet to be infested with termites halfway through its service. I wonder if just a sealer would do the trick especially for the long run.

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  • Pallet Wood and Resin Chalkboard Message Board

    This would be great to leave messages to family members especially when we all have different schedules to follow. Nothing will get overlooked when there is a ready message board where everyone has access to. I am going to start digging my storage shed to see if I have any wooden scraps lying around.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on BLDesigns's instructable Tiny Room1 year ago
    Tiny Room

    This reminds me of my dorm room in college and I'm sure that a lot of people will think the same way too! If that's the case, then the tips here will help you with making the most of the space that you got will and it will definitely help you save money on a self storage unit and having to rent out more space for your things!

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  • Need to Ship Something Safely? How to Build a Custom Crate...for Less Than $100.

    this would be a great project if you know how to get your hands on a lot of those wooden pallets! Creating these rustic looking storage crates could help you to get your house into order and even to maximise your storage space in the garage and attic if you've got them built sturdily enough!

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  • NathanDavidson commented on BLDesigns's instructable Tiny Room2 years ago
    Tiny Room

    Loft beds are definitely awesome inventions and are especially useful for people who live in small bedrooms! You've got to make sure that you've got enough height in the room if you want a loft bed though! Otherwise you're not going to get much storage space or room underneath the mattress for much anyway!

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  • Make Space Matter! Tips for Small Apartments

    Besides using dual-purpose furniture for s storage of the bric-a-brac in your house, you could also look into the idea of getting self storage pods or modules to move some of your more seasonal stuff out of your home until you have need of them! These days they are pretty convenient and can pick up and drop off at your doorstep even!

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  • Home Darkroom Design for Small Spaces

    If you had a laundry room, that would actually be a perfect size for a darkroom and you wouldn't even need to tweak it too much since it'd already have a basin and clothes line in there right?

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  • NathanDavidson commented on darbinorvar's instructable Concrete Passive Speaker Cube2 years ago
    Concrete Passive Speaker Cube

    This is actually a really good looking speaker box and it seems so easy to make even! You could probably do the same on a larger scale if you need more amplification or even just tweak the design to create a pretty stylish storage box for your home! I would definitely explore this idea a little bit more since it's most certainly going to be a fair amount cheaper than paying for an actual huge speaker box set!

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  • Modular Wood Crate Playroom Storage

    Believe it or not, children have more stuffs than us adults. Hence, it is definitely necessary to create more than just a few storage solutions for their rooms regardless of the age that they are. I really like the entire wood crate concept which works similar to that of a bin storage system that most people have in their garage. It really helps to maximize space in the area to increase storage to its utmost capability.

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  • Cold Storage Room in house basement / Canning storage / Cold-storage unit - Guide to build it -

    The basement has an ample amount of space so building a proper storage setup in there is just perfect. However, in my opinion, to ensure your food products last as long as you would want them to, your basement needs to first be of the right temperature and free from pests and such. If you are just storing regular items like furniture and tools, then the climate is not much of an issue.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on guicarlorobelli's instructable Bed Frame With Storage3 years ago
    Bed Frame With Storage

    I have always wanted to build an underbed storage for my family because I am getting real sick and tired of using bed raisers just to stuff in more things underneath there. However, I have still not been able to find the time to make proper calculations in order to estimate the weight of the bed in order for the foundation to be sturdy enough to hold it for a prolonged period of time.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on ChipUser's instructable Custom Shelving for Garage3 years ago
    Custom Shelving for Garage

    The garage is like the central refuse area of the house. Everything that ranges from gems to junks end up at this very spot eventually. Hence, maximizing the space around the area is very important to ensure that there is sufficient storage to go around for every member of the family and the best way to do that is through shelvings.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on st's instructable Cardboard shelves & storage3 years ago
    Cardboard shelves & storage

    I agree to take it up a notch and paint the cardboard boxes or cover them over with fabrics to liven up the whole storage shelving. Nevertheless, the idea is still remarkable though quite straightforward yet practical. I wonder how high you can really go to stack up your entire collection of shoes.

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  • Bin storage shelving (the easy way)

    I have always loved this bin storage concept. I think the idea is so simple yet it creates such a practical and ingenious storage solution yet. Whenever you think you might need even more space, you can simply build even higher racks and add more bins to the whole setup. If you have ran out of vertical space, there is still the horizontal spaces to conquer and the whole setup becomes an infinite storage solution.

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  • Build Your Own Shipping Container

    I have always wanted to have my own shipping container in my backyard! I think it would be perfect for a hangout place for friends and family to come over on the weekends to just relax and unwind. The ample space inside would provide so much storage to accommodate a nice dining area plus other necessities in there. Furthermore, the foundation is pretty strong so I need not worry about harsh weather conditions blowing the whole place down.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on kelleymarie's instructable Open A Vacuum Sealed Container3 years ago
    Open A Vacuum Sealed Container

    I faced a similar situation just last weekend and I simply popped a couple of small holes using a safety pin to release some of that air pressure. Problem solved and the lid of the storage container barely got disfigured! Nevertheless, you handled the problem very intellectually which would actually be a great science lesson for the children to experiment out at home.

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  • Quick and Easy Shelves for Shipping Container

    Shelves are perfect at creating that additional storage you require around the house by maximizing space. I have always been building them regardless of the location – be it the kitchen, living room, or even the bathroom. However, the downside of this solution is that you would have to arrange your items neatly in order not to create a clutter.

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  • How to make a self watering container

    This idea is ingenious and is perfect for those short holiday trips you might have planned for round the corner. I personally would seek help from my neighbors should ever I encounter such a situation, but at times they might just forget to water my plants on my behalf and I am not the type to be pointing fingers since it isn't their responsibility to begin with. I would start off by getting the right-sized storage container to kickoff this wick project.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on forrest_thelucas's instructable Container House3 years ago
    Container House

    I think this idea has been adopted by many business owners out there in the market especially in the food and beverage industry. This container concept has proven to be appealing to more than just a single age group – but mostly young adults and working adults. The container provides an ample amount of space to lay a nice dining setting which can accommodate an entire lunch crowd without much waiting time. Apart from that area, there is only additional room for storage purposes which are essential to store fresh foods and ingredients.

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  • NathanDavidson commented on liseman's instructable How To Get A Shipping Container3 years ago
    How To Get A Shipping Container

    I would love to own one to create a storage shed in the backyard. Nobody can resist that additional space to store everything you can find around the house – from tools to knick-knacks all the way to food products. However, I have done some research and found that shipping just a single container would cost even more than the steel slab itself. Hence, until I can find a willing trailer driver who can help me to haul one container over, I think I would just keep it as an impossible dream.

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