Most used objects

So, what do you think are some of the most used things on instructables? Duct tape dremel soldering iron What else?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Adult Swim and Interference Inc - This NOT the work of the GRL

An advertising agency managed to shut Boston down with a guerrilla marketing campaign gone bad. Inspired by the GRL (the people behind LED Throwies), Interference, Inc, whose website appears to be blank right now, created some LED-based graffiti to promote a cartoon. Our friends at the GRL were not impressed, and posted a response here.Like a dog in heat, a producer/reporter from Inside Edition tracked me down earlier today hoping to find, and I quote, "a techie willing to explain these light-bulbs attached to magnets that are all over Boston." I tried to explain that the GRL and LED Throwies had nothing to do with it, but perhaps subtlety is lost when you're hot on the trail of a story. Carl, if you're out there, these are the links you weren't interested in getting from me. The people who actually are behind this posted the video below (which was removed by the original author, but reposted by the GRL). I grabbed it from here.There are lots of very interesting questions around this whole issue: When does art become advertising; how can we as "techies" educate those around us as to what's a bomb and what's art; and who is responsible for actions like these that shut down a city? The artists? The corporation that put them up to it? The government for making itself and the public so paranoid? In any case, join me in watching how this unfolds.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

If I post a picture????

If I post a picture of the remains of a pipe bomb, will my instructables be taken down?

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 11 years ago

what is a hacker??????

What is a computer hacker and how do you become one??

Posted by firecracker 11 years ago


Hey i just went and bought some flip switches at radio shack and i am installing it on an old keyboard i have. i connected the wires fine and when i touch the wire it makes the sound i desire, but when i attach the wire to the switch nothing happens. I just want to know what i am doing wrong and what the correct way of attaching the wire to the switch is. Thanks.

Posted by Cailen 11 years ago

Boston "bomb" scare

Anybody else think the Boston Bomb Squad's a little jumpy?

Posted by Captain Pedantic 11 years ago


I have a problem...i want to charge my ipod with some batteries, but playing music while charging. is this possible? another question...firewire is faster (what the volt and the ampere?) than usb to charge ipod? thx

Posted by Pacca 11 years ago


Two luminous, frosted swans rest before a red plaque inscribed with "Love." A candle holder at the back adds a romantic glow.More Info:

Posted by Rick99 11 years ago

Remote computer restart switch.

Hello geniuses. I have a computer setup at a remote location that is attached to a weather station that uploads data. Occasionally it will freeze up and won't report. I can't access the computer remotly by computer to restart it because of firewalls and whatnot. What I'm looking for is a switch that will once a day reboot the computer by actually pushing the reset button. In my company crapper there is an air freshener that juices the room every 45 minutes so I know switches like that exist. Is there a simple solution or do I steal the air freshener and hot wire it to the computer and have it restart every 45 minutes? Any help is greatly appreciated. A.

Posted by rudeboysaude 11 years ago

Rotary dialer in modern cell phone

I want to merge rotary dialer with a modern cell phone. Can anyone help me with this, please? Actually I have to convert rotary dialer's analog signals to cell phone's way of dialing -- key closing...

Posted by Blinchik 11 years ago

flashlight led solar dynamo

I want to make or buy a solar and dynamo led flashlight. it should have at least 5leds and it must not be big. any ideas to help me? I found some dynamo led flashlights and some solar led flashlights, the only solar and dynamo led flashlight that I found was too big.

Posted by __-_-_-__ 11 years ago

build 'mediam' guns

Lets see how can build the longest shooting 'mediam gun.a mediam gun has to be under 40 peices and no longer than 7 inches. this is my gun it goes up to 45 ft.

Posted by knex gunman 11 years ago

ammo Q/A

Would you rather have a gun that shot b.b. s or rubber bands or knex pieces?

Posted by Nyanman 11 years ago


Hello to all,I recently purchased a Permanent magnet alternator that will produce 12 volts at 150 rpm. I have already made my own 31 anches blades (3 blades), got a hub out of an old air aconditioning unit, but the problem is that this hub has the blade mounting angles in the opposite another words it will spin counter clock wise :( Will this afect the energy output???I would really appreciate any help on this project...Thanks in advance.Feliperey{{{ }}}

Posted by feliperey 11 years ago


Hello to all, I recently purchased a Permanent magnet alternator that will produce 12 volts at 150 rpm. I have already made my own 31 anches blades (3 blades), got a hub out of an old air aconditioning unit, but the problem is that this hub has the blade mounting angles in the opposite another words it will spin counter clock wise :( Will this afect the energy output??? I would really appreciate any help on this project... Thanks in advance. Feliperey

Posted by feliperey 11 years ago


Just one question, why did you start a group about yourself? It is strange...

Posted by tonsofhoopla 11 years ago

new knex sniper rifle design

I need to know any new designs for a knex sniper rifle so please give me some ideas.

Posted by Colton 11 years ago

Headphone wiring

So I was trying to do some wiring with headphone jacks, and i must be doing something wrong. I have a speaker that the cord ripped from, and I wanted to attach a new jack, I cut off and stripped both wires, so there was a copper one and a colored one, why dont they work when they touch each other?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

AC Switch Wiring... HELP?

I just purchased an AC lighted switch @ rs, but the wiring diagram is giving me trouble, and off the top of my head, it looks like i'll have big problems using it (without losing the lighted feature) in my current circuit... If anyone knows how to make it fit, or knows a good replacement, please help... the problem, as illustrated in the diagrams below, is that I need to wire the switch in series with the load, where as it wants the lamp to be in parallel . i only have easy access to the hot wire before reaching the load, but would like to use this switch.

Posted by gschoppe 11 years ago

Credit Card Reader Alarm

Does anyone know of a way to wire a MAGTEK 21080148 credit card reader in anyway to generate an on or off signal when using a credit card with a certain code on it? It uses a ps/2 plug. Does anyone see a way which it is possible to set up? Please post any ideas you have for it.

Posted by InventingMan 11 years ago

usb charger

Hi to all ok...there are so many instructables of this argoment that i can't understand! so i have a question. what are the volt and the amp that i need for charging without destroying my usb device? thx

Posted by Pacca 11 years ago

My wife lost her keys, I'm hacking a key pager together. It's working . . . sorta.

I was thinking: 1)An old cordless phone with a pager function I could hack apart and reuse. 2)An old cellphone for the same purpose. 3)A crystal radio learning kit. My goal is to do this for under $40--the cost of buying that way overpriced pager system you've seen advertised--and for me to learn while doing this. After reading another instructable, I was inspired to use a cheap radio controlled car.

Posted by royalestel 11 years ago

remote control outside light

I am not only a newbe but also electrically challenged! I will explain what I would like to do and see if anybody can help me. I am a hunting guide in Illinois and I have to take hunters to thier stands in the morning before it gets light out. I walk them to the tree and then return to get them later in the day. I would like to attach a small light to the stand that I could control from about 50 yards away and maybe as far as 100 yards away with a remote control. I would like it to be small and attach with a magnet possibly and hopefully be waterproof. I want to keep the cost down because I have about 40 stands on this property and the one I saw at Cabellas is about $40.00 Here is the link to that product:;jsessionid=XACUKMQYMAZHOCWQNWRSCNYK0BW0IIWE?id=0026451416653a&type=product&cmCat=search&returnPage=search-results1.jsp&QueryText=remote+control+light+for+stands&N=4887&Ntk=Products&Ntx=mode+matchall&Nty=1&Ntt=remote+control+light+for+stands&noImage=0&_requestid=7662 I like the LED thing they have going. Any thoughts?

Posted by bronson 11 years ago

Air soft or BB gun help

Can someone please help me to make a easy, good ranged and reliable airsoft gun or bb gun with detailed trigger layout the bb and airsoft guns on instructables are great but i would like a gun with a higher range THANKS EVERYONE and please help

Posted by lukeRAMBO 11 years ago

Electronics Source

I know that there have been posts all over the place that list sources for electronics components, but I was having trouble finding them, and then I figured it would be helpful for everyone if we had one place for them. So, please post links to your favorite electronics components sources. I know I could use them! Thanks Rick

Posted by mrmath 11 years ago

ok i need some people to help my bad imagination

I have some projects bouncing around in my head and i want somthing kool and useful. Materials i have: metal tape, cd's, old joysticks, ipod nano i have to get a new batery for. spray paint. I wanted to paint my nano but i hate spending money and i have no money to spend lol. and some old pc parts and stuff Thanks

Posted by fretmelter 11 years ago

USB headphones

I've got a challenge. Will anyone try to figure out how to make usb headphones? i was looking at the razrs and thought about it, you'd need a driver on the phone and i wont be able to figure that part out. I was searching this site and saw posts on making headphones and thought someone could do it here. I want it so i can listen to music on my phone and razrs dont have an in/out audio.

Posted by Vivisectionnnn 11 years ago

WiFi Reception Help!

I'm not very adept with computers, explaining any incorrect use of terminology. My computer has a built-in wireless card, and I'm in range of two WiFi signals- Starbucks and McDonalds. Usually each one tops at around 2 bars and 20ps. How can I get better reception without running to Mcdonalds or Starbucks? I saw the strainer-on USB instructable, but that was not as practical as I had hoped. Is there some USB antennae type thing?

Posted by crestind 11 years ago

any ideas?

Does any one hav any ideas i cant come up wit any at the moment

Posted by a little crazy 11 years ago


Does any one havany ideas 4 stuff? fresh out :(

Posted by a little crazy 11 years ago

Waterproof Prosthesis???

Hello Everyone, I just recently became a below elbow amputee. I don't even have my prothetic yet! But I was wondering if anyone knows of how I could make a body powered hook waterproof. I thought I could just replace all the parts with stainless steel (or any waterproof metal), but my prothetist says that none of the arm companies make those little components (at the end of the arm) in anything but steel. I even popped a question to a representative at Ossur to ask if their suspension sleeve came with stainless steel parts. He said only water 'resistant'. Anyway, I was wondering if I could get a metal shop to make the parts or if you guys knew of anyone who has tried a similar endeavour. If I was to take my soon to be prosthesis into water, I know it would rust and seize. I would have to return to the shop every few weeks. An idea I had was just to make a passive hook (captain hook style) but it would lose most of it's function. Any ideas??? Getting the parts in another metal seemed like a good idea to me, but I don't know what kind of shop would make custom metal pieces. P.S. If you're wondering what it is for, I use to kiteboard and sail and want to do it again.

Posted by Logan C 11 years ago

Lego Electricity Generator

Now i was cleaning up my room and found this lego generator. So i opened up the lego block and got the generator.I don't know any of the specs for it, and don't have a multimeter or something handy to test the out put.I assume the black thing is the capacitor, it has this written on it:15BC437Some is hidden against the casing of the generator.What's the point of the magnet i move around in the video?Well aswell as helping me with that is there anything i could use this for?Video:Pictures:(Which is side is + and - ?)

Posted by inevitable_chaos 11 years ago


If i hav a published instructable how to i get it to show up on a group?

Posted by a little crazy 11 years ago

LEd light show

Is there any way to synchronize your computer LED lights with an equalizer to make it do a light show? based on bass and treble. thanks for all ther help you can provide.

Posted by Yomster 11 years ago

Rotating 2D into 3D

Playing around with making a 3D shape from layers of cardboard. This is a 2D image rotated 180 degrees and then built with 60 layers of laser-cut cardboard. Forgot to document this one so it's in the forum.

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

new knex design

Iff you have build a new knex gun please PM me! I like new guns and every day I look there maby have been posted a new gun

Posted by ricejuh 11 years ago

why is KILLERK's gun still so popular?

Why do you think KILLERK's gun is still so popular?

Posted by Mepain 11 years ago

question/advice on led

I'm wanting to externally light my lcd screen on my metal detector for late evening use. There is no room to do it internally. I think I would need two leds for enough light probably. I am gonna add a small plastic box on the top of the lip/sunshade that sticks out above the lcd screen and have the led/s going out the bottom of the box and through hole/s drilled through the lip/sunshade. I'd like to have a small push button toggle switch on top of the box to turn the leds off/on. I saw some leds at radio shack that was already in a housing with a built in resistor, not sure what size though. I'm new to leds, I've read a tutorial on them and understand the basics, the main question for now is what color leds would probably be best to do this? I was thinking that white may glare too much, the lcd screen has a thin clear protective screen over it as seen in the pic with the item identification symbols, depth,sensitivity etc. Hope somebody can help with the led color that would probably work best, first of all. Then I'll go from there. I'm going to radio shack today to see if they know what they're talking about when it comes to my project,doubtful, lol. Oh, and the detector uses 4 AA batts(6V)...obviously. I'll check back later to see if anybody has any recommendations that may help me out. Thanks!!!!!

Posted by Kevenater 11 years ago

Ipod charger diferent then the rest

OK so i bought the minty boost and everything worked fine until it burned up but now i know its cuz i had the bateries in it when i put it in a metal altoids tine and shorted it. The n bought another one thinking that it was my wiring that burned it up well the same thing happend. SO i spent about 40$ by now and want a to charge my ipod. But i want to do it with AA AAA not 9V. Any easy way to do this with out a big parts list (like tha minty boos) also i have no idea how to ahead of time know if it is Decherging the batteries when i connect it to my ipod or how good the charge is. Any one know how to tell? Or make one like I descirbed??!!

Posted by fretmelter 11 years ago

I have access to a WATERJET!!! what?

Sweet! I just got access to a LARGE OMAX 6ft x 10ft waterjet and now I want to make some stuff. Does anybody have any good ideas?

Posted by rjamison 11 years ago

anyone here still use knex?

Hi im new to this i just regesterd today but iv been looking at this site for like a month and a find all the knex guns are soo cool a made one and i customises it and its now beter than ma friends bb gun. anyway can someone tell me how a pumpaction shot gun works and add pictures as a wana make a good one out of knex? i looked at ones oj this site but i dont know how the pumpaction bit works any help?? sorry for spelling

Posted by deanlaing 11 years ago

PEWTER FRAME-HUGS & KISSES Valentine’s Special

3X3 PEWTER FRAME-HUGS & KISSES Surround your favorite person with "hugs and kisses" with this charming pewter photo frame. A nice way to show you care. For a 3 x 3 photo.More Info

Posted by Rick99 11 years ago

Duct Tape with other items

Over the holidays I had a strange visitor that brought duct tape, 97 cent mirror, 97 cent soap container, and 97 cent disposable gloves. He never left with the items and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what such items could be created into.

Posted by curiousandseeking 11 years ago


I think we should all think of a day to name "illegal day" where everybody goes oot and trys to do incrediably illegal things and then compile their day for the rest of the instructables community im in.. Cheers Tim

Posted by som3thing 11 years ago

Kitty Washing Machine

Riddle Me this.... what person designs such a machine and says "Ya... what a good idea"?Even their website says its OK for cats o.0

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Take a tour of Instructables!

There's so much cool stuff here, I thought people (new and old) might enjoy a guided tour. Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. These awesome people make it all happen. The seeds of Instructables germinated at the MIT Media Lab as the future founders of Squid Labs built places to share their projects and help others; more history is here. Instructables is the combination of a number of things. First, there are the Instructables themselves. These are step-by-step descriptions of things people want to share. They are educational, inspirational, and often replicable. The Dachshund Wheel chair is my favorite. A passionate user shared something close to his heart, and has had a positive impact on many lives.There's the whimsical: Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube. And, of course, the whimsical inspired by the whimsical: Magnetic Rubik's Dice Cube. And, the plain ridiculous: How to Get a Free Yacht and its complete saga. A cornerstone of what makes Instructables great is the comments. People ask questions, give praise, or offer improvements; this sets up a conversation between the project author and the community. Check out this cookie recipe where the author responds to a question about substitutions for someone who wants cookies now.Many of the best Instructables have won one of our contests: Show Your Heart Valentine's Day Contest, Holiday Homemade Gifts contest, Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level contest, Halloween Project contest, and The Magnet Challenge. Instructables has a lively forum for opinion and discussion. Really smart and talented people hang out here. Have a look at a forum topic on water tunnel testing complete with Reynold's number equations.Finally, what really makes Instructables great is the community surrounding it. These are passionate people that want to share what they did and how they did it. In recognition of this, Instructables won the 2006 Wired Rave Award for industrial design. Instructables gave power to the individuals so they could positively impact the world. Also, check out some of the news articles about Instructables.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Soda Dispenser

Hi does any1 know how to make a soda dispencer

Posted by Shifman 11 years ago

What are these made of?

Im thinking of a nice project to make, but i need to know how one thing is made... i guess you all know the cheap ligths that work with LEDs and have long fibers so that it looks like many small light points... i know, its not the best description, i guess ill look for a pic. by the way, do the pics have to be hosted anywhere or can they be hosted on this server?heres a link, lets see if you know what i mean.. i want to know is if that is glass fiber or anything like that, and if it is, where can i get it for cheap?? and if anybody knows where to get them in spain, that would totally rock :)thx guys!

Posted by SABBaS 11 years ago

Cell Phone Repair?

Recently my girlfriends cell phone broke. The On/Off button still works, but none of the other buttons work. It still can receives phone calls, and text messages, but only one button works. The other day a couple of the other buttons worked briefly, but they went back to not working after a couple of minutes. I think its a problem in the phones wiring. Before I go opening up the cell phone, I was wondering if anyone has any advise or any experience working with cell phones, that might be helpful.

Posted by seanmcdaneld 11 years ago

Account Troubles

Hello, I would appreciate if this account is not banned please in advanced. Now, I went to get into instructables the other day, and it gave me a error 500 or something similar and said my account was locked. Why is this? I didn't do anything wrong and I want to have it unlocked as I have pictures on there I need to retrieve, I'm very angry with whoever locked my account and the pictures better still be there.

Posted by Punkguyta 11 years ago