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Dumb questions? Answered

so one of the quizzes at the end of a section had this

Which tool is yields the fastest and most affordable method to cut PVC Pipe?

That's correct, a chop saw is the fastest, but the least economical.

This is obviously wrong and very confusing, so the 50 trillion dollar question is - was this done by design, was it a mistake, and where was the error inserted? I have done expensive microsoft exams that were deliberately broken in this manner...



8 months ago

You selected Pipe Cutter as your answer. That is the correct answer. This is explaining that the other option, a chop saw, while being the fastest method, is not cost-effective if you do not already own one. A Nylon String will also cut PVC, which is MOST cost-effective, however not fast at all. The answer is not wrong. It is clarifying why the other answer is not the best answer.


Answer 6 weeks ago

The problem is with the question, not the answers or the explanation of the answers. The question describes (asks the student to choose) a non-existent entity. There is no item that is BOTH the fastest while at the same time being the most affordable method to cut PVC. The two descriptors are mutually exclusive.